The Parken stadium in Copenhagen of the European Championships 2020 is located in the Danish capital, precisely in the Osterbro district and has about 38,000 seats. It is also known as Telia Parken, from the name of the Telia Company which is a very large telephone operator operating in Scandinavia. This company holds the naming rights.
It was born from the ashes of the Idraetsparken stadium, which was the official match stadium of the national team of Denmark, financed by Baltican Finans . It is not very recent, as the inauguration of this pitch dates back to 9 April 1992, on the occasion of a match between Denmark and Germany, which comes out the winner.
It has a retractable roof and has been used a lot to host musical concerts, usually by international artists and can hold the finals of the Europa League but not the Champions League (because it has less than 50,000 seats).

Parken Copenhagen Stadium Matches – Euro 2020
At the moment there are four matches scheduled in the Parken stadium for the traveling Euro 2020 and they are the following:

  • Denmark – Finland , June 12 at 18:00 CET, valid for the group stage;
  • Belgium – Denmark, June 17 at 18:00 CET, valid for the group stage;
  • Russia – Denmark, 21 June at 21:00 CET, valid for the group stage;
  • Match ofJune 28th at 18:00 CET, valid for the Round of 16.

Spectators Parken Copenhagen European Championships 2020
The Danish minister of culture and sport, Joy Mogensen , has given the favorable opinion to allow the entry of at least 11-12000 fans into the Parken stadium for the 2020 European Championships . Since the European Championship is a very important sporting event for the country, the Government has therefore granted the presence of more than 30% of the spectators in the stadium for all four matches of the European Championships scheduled in the Parken. Nonetheless, the minister added that if the spread of infections were to increase, contrasting actions will be evaluated that could concern the reduction of the number of fans admitted to the stadium.
This decision is in tune with UEFA’s hidden desire to favor the presence of the public in the States where the Euro2020 matches will be played .

Parken Copenhagen Stadium European 2020 – How to get there

Copenhagen is not a huge metropolis and has about 600,000 inhabitants. Furthermore, public transport has a Scandinavian efficiency so it is not difficult to reach the stadium from the main points of the city. Conversely, however, Denmark is not the cheapest country in the world, so the cost of transport is also quite high.

To give a practical example, if you are at the airport and want to reach the Parken stadium, if you think about the taxi option, you should know that the cost of the route is about 30 euros, for less than 15 minutes of travel. The distance between the two points is in fact about 11 Km.

By Train
From the logistical point of view, the stadium is fortunately very close to the central station Osterport Station , and also to the Ryparken station. By getting off at one of these stations and proceeding on foot for about 15 minutes, you can easily reach the stadium; eventually there are also buses that from the central station arrive at the same plant.
There is no direct bus line connecting the airport to the stadium; you can, however, take a bus that leaves from Kobenhavns Lufthavn and arrives in Trianglen, taking about an hour.

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