It is true that the use of masks has limited their use quite a bit, but we do not understand summer without a good pair of sunglasses . We’ll manage to keep them from getting caked or we’ll enjoy them under our umbrella (without a mask and seven kilometers from other human beings), but this summer we’re back to our beloved sunglasses. Especially now that Parfois is launching a collection of prescription sunglasses for 13 euros that combine with all summer looks.
We had fallen in love with the raffia bag that combines with all the boho dresses in the closet and we had already given our best friend one of the new customizable Parfois necklaces, but what the Portuguese accessories firm has just donehas left us dead. After having imagined us with the most stylish floral jumpsuit of the summer and sunglasses in the purest dolce vita style, Parfois arrives to make our dream come true and launches a collection of absolutely ideal prescription sunglasses for 13 euros .
At a super low cost price (we have never seen prescription sunglasses for that price ever, ever), the designs of Parfois prescription sunglasses are super current but with a certain retro air . Hence, they combine perfectly with all summer looks. In a design that mimics tortoiseshell, Parfois prescription sunglasses come in a darker and a lighter shade., so you can choose the model that best suits your skin tone and hair color. Or for you to sign both, which for the price they have, you don’t even have to think about it.
To make your purchase easier, Parfois offers different graduations , ranging from 1 to 2.5, so you can find the one that best suits your eye needs . They are available both in a physical store and online, although we recommend going to the store to try the models, receive advice and be clear about which prescription glasses are best for us .
Under the name of Eye see you, the new collection of prescription glasses by ParfoisIt is complementary to the rest of the firm’s sunglasses that, despite not being graduated, are also ideal and combine with all summer looks. We have signed the Parfois prescription sunglasses in a lighter version , since we think they are a very successful option to combine with summer outfits.

This is the Parfois prescription sunglasses collection.

When it comes to taking care of our eyesight, any precaution we take will always seem little. That is why we recommend that when it comes to opting for sunglasses, we do so knowing what filters they are and their effectiveness when it comes to protecting us from the sun’s rays .
In the case of Parfois prescription sunglasses, in their description it can be seen that they are models with filter category 3 and 100% UV protection . That is why we consider that they are a good option to take into account if we want more battle sunglasses that protect us but in the end we know that they will end up spoiling us.
Its price will not make us feel bad when the saltpeter of the sea begins to have its effects and we will be able to reserve our most expensive models of sunglasses for other contexts that are not so corrosive. With the possibility of choosing the graduation (between 1 and 2.5), Parfois sunglasses are priced at 12.99 euros.

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