Two days with the mercury above the usual temperatures and we already want to skip spring to enjoy summer and its long days at the beach. But all in due time. Now it’s time to start betting on spring looks, get rid of coats and show off shirts and dresses again , even if our favorite brands make it quite difficult for us.
Now we are focused on finding the coolest spring outfits and bringing out our flower and polka dot dresses with which to fill our outfits with joy.. In this search for looks we find very original proposals, such as the denim dress that has all the ballots of being the new viral garment or garments that, like the rise in temperatures, transport us directly to summer . Garments like the super summer floral embroidered dress that we discovered this week make us want to skip spring to enjoy the summer days .
Parfois is aware of that desire for summer that suddenly enters us and that is why it has just launched what will be its collection for this new summer(The Portuguese firm does not stop launching news lately). With joy and freshness as the main pillars of its new collection, there is a accessory that has particularly caught our attention. These are fluorescent colored bags that Parfois wants you to start dreaming about with that white dress you always wear in summer .
Parfois colored bags may not be a novelty because the accessories firm has accustomed us to making bags with these characteristics that we love, but when you see the new fluor colored bags you are going to take out your white summer dress and you are going to put, even if it is to telework, because the combination is explosive .
In intense fluorine colors such as fuchsia, green or yellow , Parfois bags are the garish note that that white dress needs that you wear when you are super tanned and show off your great look on the beach. Although the colored bags are not the only novelties of the Parfois collection inspired by summer .

A collection inspired by summer

Summer is Parfois’ latest editorial and comes as an invitation to immerse yourself in the season’s latest trends. The collection reinterprets the summer feeling with new inspirations, fresh and urban proposals for the hottest days in the city.
Among the blue tones on the scene, two of the season’s biggest trends stand out: sportswear as a staple and the return of neon tones . The accessory collection has fun pieces where unlikely combinations are the norm .
The baguette type bag that we know as classic is reinterpreted in this collection and is transformed into denim and technical fabric, among which neon tones stand out , our favorite fluor colored bags for this summer. There are maxi and mini versions to be able to use 24 hours a day.
The use of color also predominates in jewelry, there are several proposals for hoops, worked in different shades and colored beads. In clothing, the silhouettes are relaxed and combine different textures : technical and quilted fabrics, denim and softer materials such as knitwear or cotton. There are colorful outfits with sweatshirts and shorts , parkas and hoodies. Perfect to combine with sneakers in more neutral tones such as beige and light blue. Discover the proposals of the new Parfois collection on its website.

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