The Italian series The Great Friend premieres its second season open today on the Paramount Network at 8:00 p.m. The fiction of RAI and HBO, one of the most outstanding for its quality to emerge from Italy in recent years, captures the experiences of two young people, Elena and Lila, in the recent historical context of their country, based on the tetralogy of novels by Elena Ferrante, with a large autobiographical component.
In the first season, offered on the Paramount Network over the past week, the story focused when the protagonists were girls, in the Neapolitan post-war period, and in the new episodes they go beyond adolescence, facing the 60s and 70s. are eight other deliveries.
After the premiere of the new The Stupendous Friend, with the first two episodes of that second batch, the series starts tomorrow on Pluto TV, Viacom’s free streaming platform that also provides this content. On the Pluto TV Series channel, this Italian fiction is broadcast at ten at night, from Tuesday the 23rd to Friday the 26th, and it can also be seen on demand in this online service.

Synopsis for ‘The Brilliant Friend’
The second season continues at the narrative moment with which the first concluded. Lila and Elena are 16 years old and feel stuck in a routine. The first of them, who has just married, considers that she has completely lost her identity by taking the last name of her husband, Caracci. Elena continues to be a model student to whom her friend’s wedding celebration makes her realize that she really is not happy within her neighborhood, nor outside of it.

Everything changes during a vacation in Ischia, when the two friends meet their childhood friend Nino Sarratore, who has become a promising university student. A seemingly casual encounter that changes the nature of their bond.

Lila, who will also be her mother and suffers abuse from her partner,she ends up becoming a skilled saleswoman in the elegant shoe store of the powerful Solara family, in the center of Naples, while her friend is considering moving to the University of Pisa to complete her training and where even greater changes await her in her way of life in addition to strengthen his literary vocation.
Throughout these eight episodes, the relationship between the two companions suffers ups and downs and personal crises.

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