Papier – mâché is one of the funniest and simplest techniques to make many objects, also perfect for DIY gifts dedicated to Christmas. Kids like it too and is a great way to spend some time with them. Today we will see together how to make papier-mâché gifts. How to make papier-mâché and make many home-made gifts Papier
mâché is a low-cost material as it is made from simple newspapers and vinyl glue . It can be produced in two different ways, with or without maceration. To make handmade gifts the first is better, but for completeness of information I will also show you the second so that you can choose which one to use.
The technique ofcreation of papier-mâché with maceration and suitable for obtaining a malleable compound to which you can give the shape you prefer. It is therefore perfect for handcrafting knick-knacks, home decorations, various kinds of objects and festive subjects, such as Christmas decorations.
Get some newspaper (newspapers, not magazines) and break it up. Then fill a basin with water and vinyl glue and soak the paper. Leave to macerate for the necessary time and check the consistency of the mixture. If it is too liquid, you can add chalk to make it more full-bodied.
Once you have reached the right density, squeeze the mixture and let it dry on a cloth.
You will thus have obtained a modelable “paste” to which you can give the shape you prefer and create so many do-it-yourself gifts at very low cost, to be painted as you wish and give to the people you love most. This technique is particularly suitable for creating decorations for the tree and for the home, an extra idea that will appeal to everyone, even the little ones. Paper maceration without maceration: you can create many objects If you are not very skilled in shaping the paper maceration obtained by maceration, you can proceed with an alternative technique, which will also allow you to speed up the times a little and get better results.
In this case, however, you will have to start with an object to cover with your paper: a bowl, a box or whatever. To make your gifts in this way, cut strips of newspaper of about 4/5 cm.
Separately, prepare a mixture of vinyl glue and water in equal parts. Also arm yourself with a flat and large brush, which will make it easier to spread the gluey compound avoiding lumps and wrinkles.
Once you have everything you need to hand, all you have to do is cover the object you have chosen with the strips of paper and brush the water + glue mixture over it. You will need to do several layers, but remember that the more you do, the longer the drying time will be.
When everything is dry properly, you can remove the object and paint, decorate, personalize the gift thus obtained, coloring it, adding glitter, drawing … the limit is only your imagination!
Some gift ideas that you can make with this technique:

  • Storage baskets
  • Baskets to fill with potpourri (this too can be obtained at no cost, leaving fragrant flowers to dry)
  • Molds to hang on the Christmas tree
  • A storage for the bathroom
  • A pencil holder for the desk
  • A picture to hang to keep necklaces and earrings in order
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