A death that has left dismayed, that of Paolo Calissano , and that has shaken the entire world of entertainment as well as the public. There are many doubts about his tragic death and will be clarified by the results of the autopsy, but – before these – came the statements of his partner, Fabiola Palese , who broke the silence on the matter. Calissano, the possible causes of death
Heard by Il Messaggero, Fabiola Palese explained why she felt she could categorically exclude suicide: “Paolo did not commit suicide. It wasn’t like him. I think he didn’t stand up to all the drugsthat he took because of his depression. She was waiting for another chance. The world of entertainment had turned its back on him, but he wanted an opportunity for redemption that no one has granted him “.
At the base of the dramatic death of Paolo Calissano there would be a deep depression , which he treated by taking a series of drugs. To find her lifeless body it was she, Fabiola, who alerted the police after – for many hours – he had not answered the phone: “He was depressed, he hardly went out anymore”, he explained, recounting that he found his cell phone on the sofa with his last access to WhatsApp at 8.18 pm the day before.
“The lock did not have the mandates inserted”, he specified, however excluding that there was someone with him: “Only the servant and I entered that house, but the investigations will verify it. He hardly went out anymore , he let himself go and maybe he went back to taking benzodiazepines in massive doses to sleep “. The last few years and the desire for redemption
The hypothesis of an overdose of drugs remains open, but his partner does not even want to hear about extreme gestures: “he has lived through a lot and always got up. In the last few weeks he had been very depressed and the Christmas holidays were troubling himamplifying his loneliness. I think he made some mess with medicines, a bombardment of psychotropic drugs, but not to take his own life “. She felt she could also rule out drug abuse.
Her desire for her was to go back to work, carving out the place she deserved : “She was looking for her chance but no one gave it to her, they closed all the doors in his face”. Fabiola Palese also believes that Paolo Calissano was a victim of his frailty and her sensitivity, which exacerbated her suffering.
That of Paolo Calissano is a farewell made of so much bitterness, for what could have been and what was not. To remember it was also Valeria Fabrizi, with a painful post entrusted to Instagram: “A great pain because Paolo Calissano is dead! It wasn’t supposed to happen! It has been removed from our artistic world and the conscience of many should reflect… why! I worked with him and he deserved esteem, he was a very polite, good and kind boy! I tried to help him because he wrote important scripts but evidently remained on the desk of “distracted people”! He was worth it, he suffered from artistic nostalgia and from sensitive human attention! I embrace you Paolo ”.

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