Last year it was the Living Cora l, to remember the importance of the coral reef for our Earth, this year the Pantone company has chosen the Classic Blue. Among the alternatives there was also the Bleached Coral , the white symbol of the whitening of the reef due to global pollution. However, Pantone preferred to choose Classic Blue to remember that everything comes from the depths of the ocean, that water is life and we must celebrate it in all forms. An idea of ​​hope, therefore, that deviates from reality: not out of blindness to environmental problems but to create emotion and empathy with life.
This year, therefore, for the leading company in the field of graphics and color production, ethe Classic Blue, code 19-4052 in the brand catalog, the Pantone 2020 color .
It is a particularly warm and harmonious shade of blue that brings peace and serenity, according to the cardinal principles of chromotherapy.
The company called this color “a timeless blue, elegant in its simplicity”. In short, with Classic Blue you are always on the safe side, in fashion, as in furniture.
In fact , the Pantone Classic Blue color recalls the nuance that the sky takes on immediately after sunset , when the day is over and everything seems to prelude to the tranquility of the night. Unlike Bleached Coral Pantone, in short, Classic Blue is a reassuring colorand that creates a welcoming and serene atmosphere, which is why it is particularly suitable for domestic environments, especially in certain rooms of the house. How the Pantone color of the year is chosen
Choosing the Pantone color that will accompany us throughout the year is not a trivial matter, in fact the selection process is anything but trivial and involves a jury of 20 experts.
The selection begins with a careful analysis of trends in different sectors, from fashion, to design but also to cinema and the entertainment industry in general. To choose the Pantone color of the year we also review lifestyles, socio-economic conditions, new technologies ,
In short, the idea is to find a Pantone color that represents a global state of mind , in which people from all over the world can recognize each other and that they can feel free to use to express themselves.
For this reason, many thought that the color of 2020 could be Bleached Coral Pantone , because it represents very closely the historical moment we are experiencing , characterized by great ecological and environmental disasters. The choice, therefore, is never obvious, since the Pantone color of the year , elected by the Pantone Color Institute for 21 years now, influences many sectors, primarily that of graphics, but also fashion, furniture, design and many other aspects of our daily life.
Taking this into account, the company motivated the choice of the Pantone 2020 color which fell on the warm and reassuring Classic Blue: “Imprinted in our minds as a restful color, PANTONE 19-4052 brings a sense of peace and tranquility to the human spirit. , offering refuge. ”
It is, the experts continue, “a reflective blue tone that promotes resilience “.
The jury’s motivations were more oriented to a search for peace and serenity, also typical of our days, often characterized by excessive haste and anxiety.
Classic Blue reassures us and, for this reason, it is perfect for our homes where we often look for tranquility and relaxation. How to combine the Pantone color Classic Blue This year’s Pantone color is decidedly warm and harmonious , therefore very easy to combine, for this reason it has already become one of the cult tones for fashion and furniture.
To combine it, therefore, just follow a few simple rules.
First of all, let’s start from the base: blue goes well with blue. The Pantone 2020 color is a great classic that can be combined with several other shades of blueto obtain a tone-on-tone effect that guarantees elegance and refinement. Go ahead, therefore, to a beautiful sofa with Classic Blue upholstery with large cushions of different blue, to create a rich and satisfying color scale for the eyes.
Another great classic is the blue and white combination, which recall navy and maritime atmospheres, perfect for those who want to recreate the magic of the sea and summer even in the city home. A few simple touches are enough: placemats for the kitchen, a nice cotton blanket for the sofa, the finishing of curtains or bedspreads for the bedroom. According to the rules of the color scheme, however, the Pantone 2020 Classic Blue color can also be combined with its opposites or with its neighbors in the chromatic disc .For a whimsical, modern and creative home, therefore, go ahead with Classic Blue combined with a beautiful yellow or acid green . A very evident contrast that will give new life to the environments, bringing a touch of liveliness.
Dosing the combinations well in this case is vital in order not to create too much confusion. Ethnic pieces, cushions or colored wicker baskets can come to our aid, or we can think of painting an entire wall in Classic Blue and then inserting furnishings here and there that recall the complementary color.
Obviously it all depends on your sensitivity and your desire to dare and experiment.
To be safer and create a much warmer environment, instead,the Pantone Classic Blue color can be combined with a beautiful petrol green, a deep purple or a cherry .
A palette with these colors is certainly welcoming and reassuring and perfect for winter.
Let’s think of a nice plaid with a tartan pattern on these shades placed on an important and soft armchair, positioned in the living room or in the study, where you can spend your evenings reading.
In the bedroom, these combinations, to be played between walls, sheets, bedspreads and pillows, favor relaxation and rest.
To be on the safe side, however, especially if neutral colors predominate at home, you can introduce the Pantone 2020 color through some details or furnishing accessories combined with cream, dove gray and beige.Pantone color 2020: which furnishing accessories to choose
We said that Classic blue is an important color, able to change the look of the whole house with a few simple touches.
If, therefore, you want to follow the Pantone color fashion of the year or you are just particularly fascinated by it, know that a few details are enough to make it enter your home.
Let’s start with the kitchen where a set of colored glasses, simple or decorated, or even plates in Classic Blue will be enough to bring a breath of innovation and a decidedly elegant allure to your table.
Moving to the living area it can be a good idea to enrich it with a nice carpet in the same color as the Pantone 2020 color, but also a beautiful vase placed in a strategic position will make an impression, not to mention the sofa cushions, to be chosen in various shapes and sizes but all in different shades of blue.
To be even more daring, you can choose a chandelier or a large lamp in Classic Blue that illuminate the whole room, giving it an almost magical and very poetic atmosphere. In the bedroom , on the other hand, an entire wall painted in blue , perhaps behind the headboard, helps to make the environment relaxing and perfect for welcoming our rest.
If, on the other hand, you prefer something less impactful and definitive, you can completely change the face of the room even with a nice bedspread in the Pantone 2020 combine with sheets of a lighter shade or in any case in a palette, add rugs on blue, or play with curtains, perhaps overlapping, with different weights and different shades.
The Pantone 2020 color in addition to being warm and reassuring is extremely versatile and suitable to be used in the most diverse and imaginative ways inside our homes.

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