An inconvenience that could have had far more serious consequences. Federica Panicucci was the victim of a serious accident, due to the strong gusts of wind that hit Milan on February 7, showing the images of the glass of her shattered car. Federica Panicucci, the photos of the accident
The host of Mattino Cinque wanted to document what happened in her Instagram stories. Fortunately, no one was injured, although the shingle that crumbled the windshield of her car could have led to much more serious consequences. The car held up well and so did the glass, which remained in place despite the thousands of cracks generated by the impact.
Sealing the glass protected people who might have been inside the cabin, as well as protecting the interior from a shower of collapsed glass fragments. Just a big scare, then, but no physical consequences for people : “This is the glass roof of my car after a tile flew off a roof and hit me full-on. Fortunately, the glass resisted. I am alive by a miracle ”. All is well that ends well, but the fright was very strong, especially when you think about the damage that the windshield could have done if it had collapsed inside the car, at the same time and afterwards.
A big scare, therefore, for the presenter. Other residents in Milan also found themselves in the same condition, including the winner of Sanremo Mahmood – who returned to the city after his triumph on the Riviera – who said he arrived late for an interview on the radio because he was busy repairing some damage. made just by the very strong wind. The city was literally invaded by damage, among trees, leaves and pots overturned by the violence of the wind that scared everyone. The return to Morning Five
Federica Panicucci is back at the helm of her Morning Five after the long Christmas break, in which she was busy with Christmas and New Year’s concerts. Her presence was expected in early February, but she was anticipated with great joy by the public. In addition to current issues, treated as insights, the morning program of the Mediaset Admiral also deals with entertainment, showing even the lightest themes, among which Big Brother Vip also appears.
Despite the stop from Mattino Cinque, the presenter kept busy with the numerous commitments that were assigned to her during the Christmas holidays. And she in fact she returned to the helm of the Christmas Concert, in addition to the New Year’s one that she has been guiding for several years now and with great public success.
For the Tuscan presenter, it is a very fortunate period from a professional but also a personal point of view. In fact, she is in the air of a wedding with her boyfriend Marco Bacini, with whom she has been a regular couple for a few years. The two had to postpone the wedding due to the pandemic and the impossibility of organizing a large party in the presence of their closest friends and relatives.

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