Sometimes international competitions form the catwalks for the players’ last matches and this is perhaps the case with Goran Pandev leaving Macedonia . Unless there is a sudden rethink, in fact, his last match with the national team was yesterday’s match for his Macedonia against the Netherlands (and perhaps also his last game ever); on that occasion, at the 68th minute, the Macedonian coach decided to replace him to get him the well-deserved ovation from the audience, who stood up and applauded, paying homage to his career.
As he walked through the human corridor of his teammates, his former Inter Milan mate was also in the standsMourinho of treble Wesley Sneijder; the two, in the ranks of the neroazzurri have written important pages in the history of the club and yesterday the Dutchman wanted to take the opportunity to pay homage to a great player, sometimes a little underestimated.
His debut with Macedonia dates back to August 2002 and, after 19 years, Pandev , with 122 appearances and 38 goals, has become the player with the most goals scored and with the most appearances in the history of his national team. The player, as he himself declares, left Macedonia at its peak in history; his joy doubles thanks to the awareness of having actively contributed to the achievement of the first qualification for the European Championshipsof his homeland team.

Pandev , in his career, has won important trophies, including the 2010 Champions League with Inter Milan; this last experience with the national team was, however, the most beautiful experience of his long career because it was able to make people happy with him. At the moment the player does not know if he will continue to play in professional football, given that his contract with Genoa is due to expire shortly.

Pandev leaves Macedonia – Technical Characteristics

Goran Pandevand an attacker who plays mainly as a second striker or attacking midfielder but can sometimes also play as a central striker. When the situation requires it, he does not disdain to lend a hand in the defensive phase, as often happened in Mourinho ‘s 4-2-3-1 ; in that team, the Macedonian was one of three supporting the lone striker Diego Milito.
The former Inter player is a natural left-hander but also kicks well with his right foot, he is good at dribbling and has good insertion times and a sense of goal. In addition, he has a good propensity for scoring teammates and is good at set kicks. It is, therefore, a complete striker, who has a good individual technique, which tends to be a bit underestimated by critics.

Palmares Pandev
The greatest success ofPandev and Macedonia ‘s qualification for the 2020 European Championships but, in addition to this, the striker managed to win also important trophies, which are the following:

  • 1 Primavera Championship with Inter;
  • 1 Viareggio tournament with Inter;
  • 2 Italian Cups with Inter;
  • 1 Italian Cup with Lazio;
  • 1 Scudetto with Inter;
  • 2 Italian Cups with Napoli;
  • 1 Italian Super Cup with Inter;
  • 1 Italian Super Cup with Lazio;
  • 1 Turkish Championship with Galatasaray;
  • 1 Turkish Cup with Galatasaray;
  • 1 Champions League con l’Inter;
  • 1 Club World Cup with Inter.
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