A few golden rules to overcome summer fatigue
Summer, holidays, outdoor life are a continuous invitation to have fun and conviviality. Unfortunately, we must also take into account the heat which, not infrequently, brings with it a loss of strength, drowsiness and apathy . High temperatures and high humidity are in fact responsible – through sweating – for a significant loss of minerals, especially in the elderly, children and subjects with various types of frailty. Fortunately, fighting summer fatigue , returning to feel fit and to fully experience all the possibilities offered by the summer, is possible! Just follow a few essential rules, and possibly enrich your diet with somenatural remedies for fatigue , such as, for example, supplements based on mineral salts and bee products.

Fight summer fatigue at the table
To overcome fatigue in summer and stay active, it is essential to follow a healthy and well-balanced diet, which allows you to collect as much as possible the substances lost due to abundant sweating. Green vegetables rich in fiber and B vitamins, courgettes, cucumbers and fruit with a high water content, oil seeds that provide good doses of magnesium and potassium, together with legumes and cereals (preferably whole grains) are already excellent in themselves. natural remedies for fatigue .
To keep energy high throughout the day, special attention must be paid to breakfast, which should be rich in fresh fruit, accompanied by tea, unsweetened yogurt and / or juices (also strictly sugar-free). Excellent choice is also the classic slice of bread spread with honey which, like other bee products , is one of the most effective natural remedies against fatigue. On the other hand, it is definitely not recommended to bring fatty and excessively caloric foods to the table – both for lunch and dinner, such as aged cheeses, cured meats, sweets and alcohol of all kinds. All foods that, by straining the digestive system, risk increasing summer fatigue.
Of course, due to the strong loss of fluids due to sweating, drinking at least 2 liters of water a day becomes a must if you do not want to fall prey to fatigue in the summer. How to fill up on water By
sipping it from time to time during the 24 hours, and not drinking large quantities in one go. At the same time, sugary, carbonated and iced drinks should be avoided, which can give immediate but only illusory relief.

A good circadian rhythm against fatigue in the summer
The heat and the heat certainly do not help sleep and can make rest difficult and unrefreshing. The consequences are felt, negatively affecting the quality of life and, in some cases, weakening the immune system. Recovering a good quality of sleep – which affects the level of energy and mood even more than the number of hours spent sleeping – is therefore essential.
To promote relaxation, avoid engaging in demanding activities in the evening: instead, indulge in a little relaxation in front of the TV, a good read or any other activity that can make you relax. A light meal, the habit of going to bed more or less always at the usual time and, if necessary, supplements useful to restore sleep-wake biorhythm, are excellent solutions to forget about summer fatigue !

Lukewarm shower and scented oils
It is important to start off on the right foot from the morning! A shower as soon as you get up is one of the best natural remedies for fatigue,but as long as it is lukewarm. Therefore, avoid both water that is too hot, which increases the vasodilation already in place due to the high ambient temperature, and the cold one that risks causing you a thermal shock and a greater difficulty for the body to readjust to the external temperature. After a shower, but also in the evening before going to bed, a fragrant massage based on refreshing and energizing essential oils – such as lavender, eucalyptus, bitter orange and mint – will help you fight summer fatigue and, in addition, will give you pleasantly soft skin. .

Vaporizing thermal water
When the heat becomes too intense, it becomes necessary to lower the body temperature to cope with fatigue in the summer. Spray on the face and body of the thermal water that will regenerate the protective barrier that covers the skin. In addition, it gives you an immediate and refreshing sensation of freshness.

The right clothing
Wear loose-fitting, light clothing that is light in color to repel heat and, above all, made from natural fabrics such as cotton or linen. Synthetic fabrics, which hinder good perspiration, increase sweating, worsening the sense of fatigue in summer.

A little movement does not hurt
A relaxing walk in a park or along the road in the early morning or at sunset, when the air is fresher and cleaner, accelerates the metabolism and gives energy. Half an hour a day is enough to appreciate its effects!

Carnitine, arginine, magnesium and zinc
Among the natural remedies to help reduce fatigue we can include supplements based on carnitine, magnesium and zinc. These in fact have a role in increasing the production of energy. In particular, carnitine, an amino acid present in many animal tissues, acts on the metabolism by increasing the production of cellular energy. Arginine – present in meat, legumes and dried fruit – is an essential amino acid to be taken precisely through one’s diet.
Magnesium is also of great importance – essential for the proper functioning of the organism, body and mind. Its deficiency can generate fatigue, difficulty concentrating, anxiety, nervousness and insomnia. When you sweat too much, it is therefore better to reintegrate it in the diet, to give a decisive blow to fatigue in the summer . Like magnesium, zinc is also a good regulator of the various organic functions. Our body requires about 8mg per day (the equivalent of a tasty 100g dark chocolate bar).
Mushrooms, eggs, and grains are other foods that contain high percentages of zinc. But, it is not always possible to take them in such quantities as to ensure the daily requirement of this important mineral. When nutrition is not sufficient to counteract the negative effects of heat, a supplement is therefore needed that mixes the substances listed above together, making them work more effectively in synergy with each other. With the result of giving new physical and mental energy and saying goodbye to summer fatigue !

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