You don’t get married only at 20 or 30. You can decide to do it, or do it again, at any age. And if you choose to say or say yes, you will arrive at the big day with the same goal: to shine . How to dress
Let’s dispel the myth that the oversized bride cannot wear a white dress, perhaps a long one. You can wear a fairytale dress, show off a fairytale make-up, fairytale hair. We asked for advice directly from the experts in the sector.

  • The choice of dress
  • The hairstyles
  • Prepare the hair
  • Beauty care

The choice of the dress
Let’s dispel the myth that an oversized bride must resign herself to a “serious” dress. To tell us and Carlo Pignatelli , designer of formal wear synonymous with craftsmanship and Made in Italy: «Regardless of age, I recommend choosing the dress based on your body and what makes you feel at ease. However, I would not focus on excesses and whimsy but on refinement and bon ton , without necessarily choosing an austere look. In the collection we have several proposals that enhance the mature bride in an elegant and feminine way, rewarding good taste and making her special and protagonist ».
Carlo Pignatelli has chosen three models for us, let’s see them together. The first model is Valentina, a true diva dress. A renewed classic that is made up of light and harmoniously combined tones, of very light materials that are stratified without ever losing sight of the proportion of the shapes. The second model is Silvia, a dress that comes from the shiny fluidity of the ivory-colored enver satin, fascinating and seductive .
This model is characterized by strong features: deep decollete in nude tulle with embroidery, high drape at the waist and particular neckline in the back. The third model is Manuela, a very linear dress but with a surprise: the back is enriched by a beautiful and refined Chantilly lace on the back, and a particular asymmetrical bow that make it unique.
Carlo Pignatelli Sposa 2021. Models: Valentina – Silvia – Manuela (source: Press office).
Raffaella Fusetti, Atelier Eme creative director , also provided us with her invaluable advice on how to dress the oversized bride: «First, never lose the beauty of the magic and the dream of that special and important day. At 40, a woman certainly has a greater awareness of herself so I would recommend a dress that enhances her and makes her elegant and sophisticated ». You have some models in particular to suggest
«The dresses belonging to the Essential line, one of the novelties of this year, and absolutely the one I would recommend. They are all dresses with tailored lines made with ethereal tulle, precious duchesses, impalpable satins and precious crepes ».
Let’s see in detail the models that Raffaella Fusetti has chosen for us. Martina is a refined dress with a shiny crepe cady bodice, with an ethereal full skirt in precious and impalpable soft organza of pure silk. An elegant detachable cady belt with organza rose that highlights the waist completes the dress. Paired here with a lace cache coeur. Petra is an elegant two-piece dress, characterized by a body with a precious “nude” effect embroidered veil and a silhouette with refined bon-ton details. The dress is completed by the wide skirt of fluffy tulle with a jeweled belt that highlights the waist. Finally Anya, a slip dress in chiffon with a draped sweetheart neckline crossed in front, which leaves the back uncovered.
Atelier Eme Essential line. Models: Martina – Petra – Ania (source: press office). Hairstyles
Loose hair
And if so how
We asked the legendary hair designer Salvo Filetti for advicefor Compagnia della Bellezza: «There is no age to live love and“ conscious ”marriages of women who choose to always celebrate and celebrate love are also welcome. For them the secret of success is to grasp the spirit of their time, to choose the image that makes them feel confident with the one they want to give to the world, respecting proportions and style. At any age, that day remains one of the most important in a woman’s life, the one they always dream of and will always remember: every detail must be perfect. But it is not a play, naturalness must be the rule and it is now a consolidated trend: no to too rigid and composed hairstyles , yes to a more natural and spontaneous look ».
«If the hair is long, it will be perfect asoft crop with simple but extremely romantic weaves, like those of the Butterfly Romance collection – explains Filetti – Here the torchon are the protagonists and are “embroidered” with precious threads or flowery lianas , becoming poetic, dreamy. For those who want something more refined and “aristocratic” instead the “Butterfly Aristocracy” hairstyles where the hair gathered with bananas and chain chichon are embellished with points of light, small pearls and tiaras , personalized with clips with the initials of the couple. And if the hair is shorter, the accessories will always characterize the hairstyle, make the difference. The hairstylist must study how to make each woman unique and original, give her the best version of herself, but always true to herself …age is just a detail “.
Salvo Filetti Haircouture – “Dreaming Butterfly” (Photo Press Office) Preparing the hair
A healthy, shiny, regenerated hair for a long-lasting hairstyle. Cristina Cardillo and Maurizio Giarratana of Cotril Salons by Luisa in Locarno first suggest that we move well in advance: «The ideal would be to entrust your hair to preparatory curative treatments at least two months before the yes date. The treatment can change depending on the type of hair, we usually recommend Regeneration by Cotril, the reconstruction treatment that will give new life to damaged hair, to thoroughly repair damaged hair .and restore their natural beauty, shine and strength, ideal for repairing the innermost hair structure as well as improving the appearance and elasticity of the hair. For visibly younger hair, on the other hand, the ideal treatment is Jalurox by Cotril, the first professional cosmetic surgery treatment for the hair, which has a strong filling and restructuring action on the stem. The perfect solution for vigorous and shiny hair. Furthermore, it improves the morphology, resistance and manageability of the hair, and increases the diameter of the shaft ».
Let’s now move on to color: “A few weeks before the wedding, you choose, if necessary, the perfect color, studied at the table with your trusted hairdresser, perhaps also based on the season, the dress, the complexion of the face, but above all listening to the preferences of the bride: it is important, in fact, that she feels not only beautiful but also, and above all, at ease and good about herself. This is why we do not recommend too drastic changes under the date, preferring a well-groomed but natural look . The color, which will be done about the week before, must also cover any white hair and can be enriched with toning lightening to polish the hair and make it even more luminous and three-dimensional ».
In addition to the make-up test, the hair test must be done: «We suggest at least two or three tests over the three months preceding the wedding, in order to have a greater choice and a final look that perfectly matches the dress and the jewels worn. We don’t believe there is too much difference, on the hairstyling side, between a bride over or under forty. Perhaps, as anticipated before, we would propose a look that is not too artificial , perhaps a nice soft semi-crop (a messy bun like Meghan Merkle, ed.), Or a braided crop… in short, always elegant, chic and timeless looks ».
Better to wash your hair the day before or the same day
“A fundamental advice is to agree with the future bride for the hair washing, which can change depending on the type of hairstyle chosen. In general, the day before is a good option both if you opt for a crop and for a loose hair ». Beauty care
I risk and do my own make-up or I rely on an expert person
And if I don’t have a reference make-up artist, how do I choose the right one
We asked our beauty blogger Camilla Cantini for advice: “As for bridal make-up, it is definitely better to abandon the do-it-yourselfand rely only on professionals. Choosing makeup artist, hairdresser and beauty center for the big day can be confusing, so first consider people you trust or recommended by those who have already tried them. An excellent method to get an idea of ​​how professionals work is to take a tour on their social profiles , another great place to search for the right professional. Nowadays Instagram is a great business card, because it allows you to see not only the comments of satisfied customers or any complaints, but also to be able to view photos and videos of the services performed ».
When to do the makeup test
«One of the most common mistakes that I too had to face in the past, then, is to perform the make-up test, agree on it and arrive at the wedding day with the very tanned bride, when during the previous test she had lighter skin. Having tanning lamps just before the wedding is a mistake not to be made, both because the skin dries up and dehydrates, and because the makeup chosen during the test phase may not be more suitable and will have to be totally recalibrated. If you choose to do a test long before the wedding date, my advice is to do a second one a few days before the wedding., just to avoid unpleasant inconveniences. It is not ideal, on the long-awaited day in which one is already full of anxieties and insecurities, to have to review the make-up because it is different from what the memory of the test was “.
And as regards the preparation of the skin
«It would be better not to test new productsclose to the big day to avoid unpleasant allergic reactions or the appearance of pimples and blackheads – Camilla Cantini tells us – Before the wedding it is better to keep the usual habits so as not to risk surprises. The skin must be hydrated as best as possible so that the make-up lasts as long as possible and is luminous and homogeneous, both in photos and in live action. In case you have some skin problems to solve, before listening to the suggestions of friends and acquaintances it is better to visit a dermatologist so that he can act taking into account the timing before the wedding “.
«Last tip: do not wax the day before but at least five days or a week before the wedding. In case of irritation, redness or cracking, at least the skin will be afraid to regenerate ».

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