It is useless to hide it: if you have a beautiful house, which has been furnished with taste and passion for design, you have certainly given particular importance to the choice of the kitchen. The kitchen, in addition to being functional, represents the soul of the house, much more than a bedroom and perhaps a little more than a living room. Often, however, we give importance to the “internal” furnishing of the house and we forget how precious, elegant and functional it could be to have an outdoor kitchen on the terrace , in the garden, or on an attic.An essential element for your outdoor lifeSo if you are a person who likes to spend a lot of time outdoors, with a lot of space available, why you should give up an outdoor kitchen
The garden, the terrace or the attic are no longer conceived with the ancient schemes of the past, as places detached from the house, but are part of it in all respects. Hence, an outdoor kitchen goes perfectly with these environments. Until a few years ago – and especially in Italy – outdoor kitchens were conceived only in masonry. Over time, however, there has been a small revolution that has led to the design of beautiful steel outdoor kitchens. We are obviously talking about durable materials and above all resistant to atmospheric agents, since they will have to deal daily with air, sunlight, water and possibly rain or humidity. Different solutions, each according to everyone’s tastesOf course, if you prefer a masonry outdoor kitchen, nobody forbids you to choose it, also because a lot depends on many variables. How often will you use your kitchen, for example, or how much space do you have to be able to dedicate to this environment. But know that there is a solution for every need and every taste. Do not underestimate, for example, the small or compact models in metal, if you do not have a very spacious garden or terrace. Interesting as a material for outdoor kitchens and steel. And precisely in steel are the kitchens by OF Outdoor Kitchen, a spin off of Officine Fanesi and specialized in the creation of customizable and modular solutions in this material. Entirely made of stainless steel, these kitchens are elegant, made in Italy and accessible for any budget available. What to start: start considering your needsOnce you have decided to install an outdoor kitchen in your favorite outdoor space, you will need to take into account your specific needs when choosing. You only need the kitchen to prepare quick snacks
Then you could opt for a small kitchenette equipped with a plate or grill, perhaps with an external cylinder. Also consider the barbecue alternative. Instead, you want to entertain yourself for a long time in your outdoor kitchen, perhaps often inviting friends and relatives for outdoor lunches or dinners.In this case, we recommend you move towards modular systems,with which you can create the kitchen of your dreams, unique and unrepeatable. The modular systems in stainless steel (but there are also in other metals) represent a practical and effective solution, smart and also more accessible economically. Finally, consider a built-in outdoor kitchen only if you have decided that it will have to remain fixed and you will no longer be able to move it. In this case, consider materials such as stone, which resists the elements without scratching and does not require special maintenance measures.

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