It is one of the central themes of interior design, a test bench with which interior designers and architects increasingly love to confront, we are talking about outdoor spaces. Small or large, they are considered a fundamental part of the house and no longer just appendages to be organized quickly during the hottest seasons. Object of interesting developments and trends, they represent, in recent years, escapism, the heart of relaxation. Real “magical places” must be organized with great attention to be usable and livable all year round. Let’s find out for this 2021 what are the 4 trends to focus on. 1. Natural is the watchword
Raffia, hemp, straw, rattan, jute are some of the components most used to make furniture and furnishing accessories for balconies, gardens and terraces. In recent years these materials have made a comeback (even at home) in great fashion. Very popular for embellishing en plain air environments, they are at the center of the most current and popular furnishing trends, such as the boho chic style and the urban jungle style, because they give the spaces a welcoming and informal air as well as a great atmosphere. Used outdoors for carpets, armchairs, sofas, tables and baskets of all kinds, natural fibers, together with wood, another evergreen element, blend well with more contemporary materials such as metals and the various plastic components (polyethylene, polycarbonate, PVC, ABS …).2. Green light to colored fabrics
They are the inevitable decor element, the fundamental ingredient that gives the space quality and color, we are talking about furnishing fabrics, which also make the difference outside. Made with resistant materials suitable for use, therefore designed to withstand the sun’s rays and “bad weather”, they can truly make any type of space, small or large, unique. Developed on curtains, poufs, upholstered items of different shapes and sizes and, above all, on cushions with different shapes and sizes, they allow you to create beautiful and informal furnishing solutions and transform bare corners into relaxation paradises. Studied today no longer only with clear and neutral shades,3. Rock in style
If you are looking for something that in this 2021 is synonymous with relaxation, the answer could come from rocking chairs and suspended solutions. These are ideal furnishing elements to create outdoor corners that are relaxing, original and comfortable. New generation armchairs, chairs and swings are the trend of the moment, and are ready to welcome you on cool summer evenings. Made with new generation materials, welcoming and with a great scenographic effect, these seats are available with every kind of price and for every kind of space, from the poolside to the small one and balcony. From the most complex and expensive solutions, to the traditional hammocks, the suspended and rocking seats give the environment a romantic atmosphere,4. A shady corner
Whether you have a small terrace, a patio or a large garden, design a covered shady area within it, where you can take refuge from the sun and at the same time find some privacy. , and definitely something to think about and invest in. The new solutions of self-supporting gazebos, made with light and easy to install materials, allow in any situation to create beautiful and peaceful shaded corners. These are structures, more or less large, extremely versatile and easy to adapt to different types of space that allow you to create, depending on the size, real outdoor living areas to be lived during all hours of the day, even in the hottest and sunniest ones.
Natural materials at the center of the new outdoor furnishing trends, but also fabrics with a thousand colors and patterns, suspended seats and masterfully studied shaded corners, these are some of the novelties to treat yourself to all the beauty in the hottest seasons. 4 inevitable trends to fully enjoy the open air environments in this 2021, 4 ideas to renovate, revolutionize or create from scratch open spaces to live all year round, increasingly considered the added value of our homes.

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