Light is an essential element for home decoration and not just during the winter season. There is no perfect season to decorate your home with light and candles, but all year round, with the necessary adjustments, is the right time to embellish your home with light and beauty.
You can do it using many different types of candles, candelabra, lanterns and much more: we are talking about the candle light design, a style of decoration that mainly uses light and candles to embellish the house in every corner, from the bathroom to the kitchen. In summer, in winter, during spring and autumn, every moment is perfect to add some details that embellish the balcony, the house, the outside, the bathroom, any room in the house.
But how to decorate the house using candles
For anyone who loves light, here are some very simple ideas that can give useful ideas – to follow or interpret – to embellish the house, to make it beautiful and bright, welcoming and warm.
You will notice that thanks to these tips it is possible to significantly embellish every single corner of the house, to make every place more elegant and more welcoming, always following your personal style and also your own subjective inclinations. So here are some nice original ideas to embellish your home with candles and candelabra.

  1. Make a corner special. As we have said, with light you can really do a lot, even make a simple corner of the house unique and special that is a little disused and dark. Think for example of a bedside table in the bedroom or living room: you can embellish it with a candle holder (perhaps a little vintage, like those used by grandmother once) and a doily. Follow the style of the house to choose a more modern or more vintage model and let yourself indulge yourself.
  2. On the shelves in the living room or bedroom. The shelves are not made (only) for books but can also house pretty colored and scented candles, which give a touch of light and freshness to the home decor. Choose candles, perhaps in glass jars, to decorate a half-empty shelf, next to books or frames. You will see that everything will change its appearance.
  3. Embellish a room. It doesn’t take much, small candles (such as tea lights) in pretty containers or sophisticated crystal candelabra to make a room unique: if you then light the candles, perhaps leaving the room semi-dark, you will immediately get a fantastic effect in any season. The colors of the White candles
    during the winter, to recreate a perfect Christmas atmosphere, green and pastel colors (and in any case in tune with the rest of the house) for the other seasons of the year, to always get a unique effect and go beyond.
  4. To make the furnishing of the chest of drawers more trendy and less serious. On your dresser, next to the mirror and a frame, a set of colored candles with pastel tones, perhaps with slightly original shapes, could fit well. These are real furnishing objects that immediately make the room more colorful and more graceful. You can opt for classic models, or for some more original and imaginative ones: even alone, these candles can brighten up the whole room.
  5. At the table. Candles always look beautiful even when they are at the table, very simply to embellish a tablecloth or as a table centerpiece. Not only at Christmas: a classic candelabra with white candles is a simple but perfect piece of furniture for every day of the year and can give a touch of elegance and simplicity to the whole house.
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