Oriana Fallaci is a symbol of international feminism for her life choices and her struggles. She was born in Florence on June 29, 1929 and passed away on September 15, 2006, she is the greatest Italian journalist ever and one of the most popular Italian writers of the twentieth century. Oriana Fallaci was an Italian writer, journalist and activist, a character who unites or divides, who still makes people talk today. A woman who for her strength and tenacity with which she has brought forward her ideas represents an example for all women, and not only. Journalism example
Born in Florence and lived for a long time in the United States of America, her activities from the front, starting from 1967 with the war in Vietnam, gave birth to the figure of the special correspondent, at that time unknown to the Italian journalistic panorama. Her tenacity and her indomitable character allowed her to carve out a leading role in a profession that until then was the prerogative of the male world. The beginnings of Oriana Fallaci are linked to the chronicle field for various newspapers, but the directors with whom she comes into contact do not find it difficult to recognize in her a very different type of fabric. You are beginning to flock to assignments of greater scope and of great responsibility, such as interviews with important personalities in politics or reporting on international events. Her exceptional skill leads her to the “European”,The relationship with Islam
The controversial writer, disputed in her last years of life because of her interventions relating to Islam, was born in Florence on June 26, 1929 in the midst of the fascist era. Her childhood years are those of Mussolini’s power. You are a little shocked to think of the “passionaria” and rebellious writer struggling with a similar climate. The air he breathed in the house is certainly not favorable to the dictatorship. Her father is an active anti-fascist, so convinced of her choices and her ideas that he even involves little Oriana at the age of ten in the resistance struggle with lookout duties or the like. The little girl also learns to use weapons thanks to hunting trips organized by her father, who drags the girl along during his hunting excursions. The books
A significant example of the pathos that Oriana Fallaci poured into her books is the best-seller “ Un uomo ” (1979), a novel written following the death of her companion Alekos Panagulis. In the novel ” Insciallah ” you write the story of the Italian troops stationed in Lebanon in 1983. As in most of her books, in this case too the writer shows the effort to free herself from the yoke of oppression and injustice of various kinds and kinds. Her books have been translated in over thirty countries. Her acknowledgments include the honorary degree in literature received from Columbia College of Chicago. The latest works
For some time Oriana Fallaci suffered from an incurable disease and died in Florence at the age of 77 on September 15, 2006. Her latest work, entitled ” A hat full of cherries “, was published posthumously in 2008 and tells the story of the Fallaci family on which Oriana had worked on for over ten years. The book is published on the firm will of Edoardo Perazzi, granddaughter and universal heir of Oriana Fallaci, who followed precise instructions regarding the publication.

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