With the arrival of summer, even the wardrobe needs a change of scenery. It is useless to postpone and postpone again: the undertaking is not so titanic and once the rock is overcome, the spring cleaning will be downhill. Not to mention the beneficial effects.
We need to free space to free the mind says Karen Kingston, a Feng Shui enthusiast, who coined the expression “Space Clearing”, for what she defines as the art of purifying and consecrating the energies present in buildings “. Order and rigor are also needed in domestic cleaningbecause where dirt and junk accumulate the energies stagnate. The Feng Shui path developed by Kingston and divided into six points. First of all, it is necessary to identify all the areas in which to eliminate the superfluous, then choose the right time: theoretically everyone is fine, but it is better in the spring , returning from a holiday, after an illness or when you change your life in some way after the end of a relationship or a new job. The boxes are fundamental , five: one for the things to throw away, one for those to be repaired, one with the things to exchange / give / sell, one for the objects in transit (from one part of the house to another) and, finally , one for the problematic items. The fourth stage is that ofrelocation and order , prelude to the final and fundamental one of eliminating all things that have been discarded. The sixth stage
«Throw something in the trash every day».
Too complicated.Everyone
has his own method, but the golden rules are five: 1) completely empty the wardrobe; 2) clean it thoroughly and don’t just let it change the air; 3) decide which clothes to keep and which to discard (and get rid of them quickly, to avoid second thoughts; 4) wash, dry, mend if necessary, iron and fold your clothes carefully; 5) store them in the closet in plastic cases, tissue paper, boxes and hangers, taking care to put a garment for each hanger, without forgetting the anti-moths. Indecisive eternals you don’t know how to choose what goes and what doesn’t
“I adopted the technique of wearing them – Alexander suggests on his blog -, put myself in front of the mirror and ask me: do you really want to go around like this
If the answer was not a decided yes, the garment was eliminated: those worn out ended up in the dustbin, those still in good condition ended up in charity ».
If you really can’t stand the smell of camphor and mothballs that makes old, know that grandmothers used not only those, but also bay leaves , lavender , cloves, nutmeg and cinnamon, wrapped in bags or gauze, dried peel of lemons and oranges, eucalyptus and wooden balls impregnated with mint and basil essence.
A few tricks
– Wet the new tights , put them in a bag and put them… in a cool place! A few hours in the fridge will help them last longer without getting stretched.
– – On theold leather shoes , after having passed 1/2 potato on the upper, spread the polish. It will improve their appearance.
– How to ensure that black garments do not fade but keep their color as long as possible
Boil a handful of ivy leaves or spinach in water and soak the garments after rinsing them. Leave them to soak for about twenty minutes.
– To always have ties in order, it is better not to use an iron (which often leaves a shiny halo): moisten the tie slightly and roll it around a glass bottle that you have previously filled with hot water. Within 24 hours it will be perfectly ironed and streak-free.

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