The Andalusian Public Foundation for the Social Integration of People with Mental Illness (FAISEM) opened positions on September 19 in its employment exchange to cover incidences of structural personnel.
This entity, dedicated to the development of social support programs for people with serious mental disorders , launched a pilot test last March that consisted of a Temporary Employment Exchange only in the province of Cordoba. This trial has been favorable and has now been officially opened at the Andalusian level.

Requirements to access the Temporary Employment Exchange

In order to participate in this initiative, it would be necessary, mainly, to have Spanish nationalityor, failing that, be a Spanishresident , as well as having reached the age of majority (18 years) and not having reached retirement age.
It would also be necessary to have the necessary degree for the call in question or to be in a position to obtain it within the period for submitting applications. In the event that this accreditation has been obtained in a foreign country, you must be in possession of its homologation before the deadline for presentation ends.
Any person who has received a disciplinary dismissal by FAISEM will be excluded from any call
It is mandatory to have the functional capacity to perform

of the specific task to be requested, as well as “not being separated, by means of a disciplinary record of service from any of the Public Administrations or the constitutional or statutory bodies of the Autonomous Communities”. It would also not be possible to register if the user is in ” absolute or special disqualification for employment or public office by judicial resolution, for access to the body or scale of civil servants, or to perform functions similar to those performed in the case of labor personnel, in which he had been separated or disabled”.
This clause applies to those who have the nationality of another State, who are required not to be disqualified or to have been subjected to a disciplinary or equivalent sanction.that prevents in your region the terms of access to public employment.
Neither will those who have been sanctioned by FAISEM be able to register. However, in the event that said sanction has been cancelled, it must have been in accordance with the provisions of the FAISEM Collective Agreement. In the same way, that person who has received a disciplinary dismissal by FAISEM , will be left out of any call.

Types of offer and registration deadlines

The FAISEM Temporary Employment Exchange will be receiving applications until 11:59 p.m. on October 31, 2021 . So, those people who wish to register, may opt for a long-term or short-term temporary contract.
The contracts oflong-term will be longer than 4 months and will be in place of regular workers who are on maternity leave, temporary transfer, unpaid leave, etc., while those of short duration will be less than 4 months and, in general, It will be to cover vacations or permits.

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