The Senate chamber voted in favor of the proposal of the rapporteur of the council for immunity, to raise a conflict of attribution at the Consulta, on some passages of the judicial inquiry on the Open foundation, which concern the senator and leader of IV, Matteo Renzi. The votes in favor are 167, while those against 76. No abstentions. The defense in the classroom by Renzi
“Pieces of the institutions, the prosecutors, are thinking of carrying out a trial on the ways in which politics is done. and a battle that is worth “. This was stated by the leader of IV, Matteo Renzi, speaking in the Senate on the conflict of attribution against the Florentine magistrates for the case of the Open Foundation.
The leader of Italia viva defends himself in the Senate from the accusation of illegal financing in the Open case and asks that the Constitutional Court assess whether his rights as a parliamentarian have been violated by the Florence prosecutor’s office. Renzi believes that the Florence public prosecutor has violated his prerogatives as a senator by acquiring some e-mails and private conversations as part of the Open investigation, in which the former secretary of the dem is accused of illegal financing of the homonymous foundation. The magistrates have already asked for Renzi to be indicted together with Maria Elena Boschi, Marco Lotti and others. According to Renzi, the Florentine prosecutors should have asked the Senate for the ok to acquire those sources of evidence.“I do not run away from the trial”
“This battle is for the dignity of an institution overshadowed for fear of politics. I do not run away from the trial. I do not flee from the courtrooms, I go there with my head held high. But if someone wants to invading the field of politics, helping to pass the message that politicians steal, I stand up and say no. Politics is not a crime. Renzi again. “My life fed to a sensational press campaign”
“I tell my colleagues who will not vote on the junta’s proposal: the point of the dispute is not even the invasive, violent, illegitimate method of kidnapping used by the prosecutors of Florence, with which my private, personal, family life, with all this that this implies, because politics is important but life is more important, has been fed to a sensational campaign not only in the press. And I hope that what happened to me, from the depths of my heart. From the private current account to a letter you receive from your father, with considerations of a personal nature: that is a sphere in front of which if there is a crime you pursue, but if it is of family intimacy no one is allowed to rape other people’s lives thinking it’s right. ” Divided majority
On the “Open case” the center-left is divided: the Democratic Party votes in favor of Matteo Renzi, the 5 Star Movement against. The Democratic Party, therefore, will vote yes to the report proposed by Fiammetta Modena (FI) which raises the conflict of attribution to the Constitutional Court. “I believe that on the Open investigation there is a clear violation by the judges of article 68 of the Constitution”, declared Senator Pd Andrea Marcucci. On the contrary, the M5S, through the mouth of Giuseppe Conte, chooses the path of a favorable vote, underlining that this choice “is not against Renzi or for Renzi: it is in favor of the principles of the M5s”. Conte adds that “from a technical point of view, there are no grounds for raising a conflict of attribution because a prior but subsequent authorization was not required”.
“The Florence public prosecutor went ahead even though he was aware of violating the Constitution. The dignity of the Senate and the institutions imposes on us the duty to intervene and for this reason we will vote in favor of the proposal of the Modena rapporteur and we hope that the entire classroom will have the courage to affirm that the rules must be respected also and above all by the judiciary “. Thus Alberto Balboni of Fdi in the explanations of vote to the Senate on the conflict of attributions in the Open case. “It is worth evaluating whether it still makes sense to maintain a feudal privilege on the non-responsibility of the magistrates, they are above the law, and a vulnus on which Parliament should finally have the courage to put a hand”. Thus the
Renzi League
“I do not know the papers of his trial, I do not judge the trials of others. I deem it unworthy to have read in the newspapers the statements of an Italian citizen and a letter from a father to a son. Someone should pay”. Lega leader Matteo Salvini says this referring to the vote in the Senate on the Open case. “Everything separates me from Renzi but I will never fight him with the judiciary.”

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