For the “layman” online trading can be a very complex and unapproachable sector, where making money is only granted to a few and you can never be sure that it is really profitable or if it is a gigantic bluff.
It is really possible that there are people able to make trading the main source of income or it is yet another publicity stunt against those who naively think that earning is as simple as drinking a glass of water
We have created this guide just to reveal all the secrets of a financial sector which for several years has seen an exponential growth of users but which continues to be the target of criticism and misunderstanding.
Trading online really works or is it a scam
How it works and how you can get real profits
Why many users invite you to stay away from it so as not to risk losing all your money
Below we will provide an explanation as complete as possible on what trading is and what the steps are that anyone who wants to touch this reality in a safe and conscious way must do, to dispel the myths that revolve around the activity and find out once and for all if online trading really works to make money. What is online trading and how it works
Before going into the subject, we would like to specify that trading is a financial activity which, as such, can lead to the loss of money. The risk, in fact, is inherent in every investment.
For this reason, it is essential to approach the sector with the right awareness and above all the complete knowledge of its mechanisms, to avoid falling into the error of many and finding the current account in red in a few minutes.
In online trading, moreover, the technical terms are important and it is good to know them before investing in order not to be caught unprepared during the operations.
The term online trading refers to the trading activity on financial goods markets through the internet.
Assets are financial assets that can be traded on the markets. Stocks, stocks, currencies, cryptocurrencies, are just some of the most chosen assets for investments by many traders.
Traders, ie online investors, have the possibility to execute trading operations thanks to brokers, virtual intermediaries that provide users with multimedia platforms to interact with the markets.
Online trading is not limited to the purchase and sale of assets, to gain from the increase in their value, but thanks to CFDs, users have the opportunity to speculate on a stock by “betting” on the rise or fall, so profit even if the market follows a bearish trend.
CFDs (Contracts For Difference) are derivative instruments that simulate the price of the underlying asset. In fact, to obtain a profit, traders use these tools to speculate on the real value of the reference assets without the need to actually own them.
In this way, once the market trend has been identified, it will be sufficient to focus on the correct performance of the stock to gain from the price difference. What online trading is not: the false myths about the world of investments
In the previous paragraph we deliberately quoted the term “bet” to emphasize that online trading is neither a game nor an activity based on blind luck.
This is, in fact, one of the main problems that pushes many users to launch into investments without adequate preparation and that leads them to lose the money invested.
After having explained what it is and how it works, it is also useful to know what trading is not, highlighting that believing in certain false myths only contributes to misleading those who would like to engage in this activity consistently.
Online trading is therefore neither a gamble, nor a beautiful and good scam. It is a financial activity that really works and allows you to obtain potential earnings only if exercised in the correct way and with the right mentality.
Believing that it is possible to make a lot of money without the slightest effort is the best way to throw your money to the wind or end up in the hands of scammers.
Because it is true that trading, in itself, is not an illegal activity but since it is a financial sector where a lot of money runs, and frequently targeted by criminals.
The scammers, in fact, leverage the emotions of users who have little knowledge of the sector to convince them that entrusting them with their money will lead them to see them magically doubled without lifting a finger.
The scams take place through platforms created ad hoc, very similar to those of the most valid brokers, with the difference that the deposit will disappear in a few minutes and you will lose all traces of the scam broker.
To do quality trading, which is valid and which really works to increase your assets, one of the essential rules, therefore, is to study and train before dedicating yourself to investments.
Through a complete preliminary training, in fact, it is possible to know in depth all the mechanisms that regulate the activity and avoid the risk of losing one’s money with irresponsible operations or falling into the trap of scammers. How to start trading from scratch
Now that we have defined the truth about trading and debunked the false myths that prevented beginners from engaging in this activity for fear of losing their money regardless, it is good to identify the first steps that a novice trader must take. to be successful with investments. Training
It is unthinkable to believe that you will earn even a few pennies from trading if you have no idea how it works.
Before trying to invest it is essential to study and consult all the training material that allows you to acquire the basic notions of trading.
It is possible to buy paid online courses, which do not always turn out to be of quality, or take advantage of the sections dedicated to the training of the most valid brokers, which provide video lessons and trading courses in ebook format completely free of charge. Practice
Once you have learned the basics of trading it is important to put the teachings into practice and gain experience. To avoid running into bankruptcies right away, the most reliable brokers provide users with demo accounts through which to make trading simulations.
Basically, these accounts are topped up with virtual money that can be safely spent on the markets, thus limiting the risk of losing your money if something goes wrong.Broker support
Taking advantage of all the tools that brokers make available to beginners is essential for anyone who is a beginner and needs time to feel confident in investing.
Brokers such as eToro and plus500, for example, are among the favorites of novice trading users because they are able to support them in investments from the early stages.
For example, with the Copy Trading service, eToro allows the less experienced to copy the operations of professional traders, so as to learn moves and strategies indirectly and bring home some initial gains.

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