The period of confinement that we have been experiencing for almost a month in our country has led online platforms to create new spaces so that we can enjoy movie premieres without leaving home. One of them is, an initiative of ‘A contracorriente films’ , which offers films so that the public can watch from any mobile device the premieres that were planned in conventional cinemas, now without leaving home.
The platform, which allows you to watch the chosen movie for 72 hours and on up to four different devices, has its own appwhich can be downloaded for Smart TV (LG, Samsung and Android TV for SONY, Philips and other brands TVs), IOS (with AirPlay), Android (with Chromecast) and AppleTV. Users will be able to enjoy the rented movie for 72 hours and up to 4 devices.

Latest releases

At this time, the virtual room has made the documentary ‘Passion in art’ available to users . This feature film, directed by Phil Grabsky and lasting an hour and a half, tells, from the point of view of art, the passion, death and resurrection of Christ . The film deals with the most important moments in the history of Jesus through the prism of artists of all time, from the first Christians to the present day.

Soon available at home NextApril 8
, premieres three films. The Spanish comedy ‘Until the wedding separates us’ tells the story of Marina, an unromantic 30-year-old wedding planner who meets Carlos, the boyfriend of one of Marina’s childhood friends, who, when he discovers a card from the wedding planner, thinks he is going to ask her to marry him and says yes right away.
That same day the spectators will be able to enjoy ‘Specials’ . With the French Vincent Cassel as the protagonist, it tells the story of Bruno and Malik, two friends involved in helping autistic children and adolescents that will move you

. From the same directors as ‘Untouchable’, it was the Closing Film at the Cannes Festival and the Audience Award at the San Sebastian Festival 2019.
Another of the upcoming premieres is ‘Vivarium’ . A thriller in which a couple meets a strange real estate agent when they go to buy their first house and they will live a surreal nightmare.
In the comedy section, from April 10 you can enjoy the Italian ‘The joy of small things’ . A film that will make you think about the importance of being with the ones you love the most as much as the story of Paolo, who died in a traffic accident, who has a second chance when an error occurs in paradise.

‘The teachers of Saint-Denis’It is the last premiere scheduled for April 17. A French film in which the young Samia begins her career as director of studies at a school in a neighborhood in the suburbs of Paris and there she will learn about her idiosyncrasies and the social problems of the neighbors and students.

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