Italy has always been a country envied by the whole world for being considered the cradle of civilization and art in general, thanks to the work of great masters of art and sculpture such as Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael or Michelangelo. whose works are internationally known.
The origins of art in Italy are, however, much older, and date back to much earlier than the period referred to as after Christ. In particular, if we analyze the territory of the province of the city of Viterbo, in the perimeter that marks the border between Lazio, Tuscany and Umbria, we can go back to historical finds of millenary origins dating back to the age of the ancient Etruscans.
Therefore, those who love art cannot fail to be fascinated by the world of antiques, which has the ability to bring back ancient splendor and give it a completely authentic new look.
However, unlike in the past, when it was complex to find objects belonging to previous eras and for those who found them they acquired a high value, today there is the advantage of being able to directly find the most valuable antiques online, so it is possible to find the ancient art at your fingertips. From classic antiques to the new frontier of the online world
In step with the needs of the modern era, in which speed of use and accessibility to information for everyone is required, even the antiques market has adapted by finding space on the web, where there are experts in the sector with sites dedicated to purchasing. of real works of ancient art.
The advantage of having brought antiques online, is precisely that of being able to show buyers from all over the world their collection for sale, increasing on the one hand the possibility of earning for the seller, and on the other giving the buyer the ‘opportunity to be able to choose between different pieces according to your tastes and economic possibilities.
The objects that can be found for sale through an online antiques site are all certified as if it were a purchase at a physical store, and it is also possible to have advice thanks to the advice of the best experts in the sector.
There are sites of specialized sellers such as the Antichita Fiorillo shop in Viterbo, which offer the possibility of taking a virtual tour of their warehouse by exhibiting the antiques right on the web, in order to be able to view the offer in the store in advance. Online antiques: the pieces offered for sale
There are different categories of products relating to the antiques sector, which can also be found in an online shop and are mostly from Central and Southern Italy.
For the architecture section, for example, very widespread and the sale of ancient balustrades and capitals used as bases for columns or just ancient columns and all the architectural elements belonging to different historical periods.
Then there is a section dedicated to furnishing accessories for the garden, where there are many varieties of fountains, gazebos, street lamps, millstones or benches to furnish your garden with antiques. Then there are the elements that concern the interior spaces of a house, such as furniture or paintings that are real frescoes, or there is the possibility of buying terracotta floors or decorated majolica like the very famous ones from Vietri.
From time to time are also organized exhibition events advertised online that allow buyers not only to learn more about each antique item for sale, but also to be able to take advantage of favorable prices for a limited period of time.

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