Learning to nourish both body and mind in a balanced way is the first step to achieving greater psychophysical well -being .

Food and nourishment: we learn to choose the right one
Food is our nourishment and therefore we should first of all think about the meaning of the verb “to feed” and ask ourselves, every time we eat, if we are really nourishing ourselves or if we are just getting sated. Our body is a complex machine and to function at its best it needs the right fuel. It is we, with our daily choices, who decide which fuel to put in the engine of our body.
Considering foods only on the basis of the calories they bring is in fact limiting, because our body does not need only calories, but a whole series of macro and micro nutrients , which only a varied and healthy diet can provide. A diet that truly nourishes the body and mind should be based on natural and whole foods . On the contrary, nowadays, the best-selling food products are those packaged, processed and refined by industry.
Regardless of everyone’s ethical choices, it is important to bring seasonal vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and meats not from intensive farming to the table. We should always remember that our psychophysical well -beingit originates from the foods we choose to consume on a daily basis.

Psychophysical well-being: what is your relationship with food
Having a positive relationship with food also implies devoting the right time and attention to it. Shopping and preparing dishes are important moments and not just a waste of time between one engagement and another. Always eating in a hurry inevitably leads us to choose packaged products, quick to prepare, but poor in nutrients.
Once the awareness of the importance of nourishing body and mind is acquired, it will then be natural to devote more attention to meals, trying to vary them and make them appetizing using healthy foods. A diet aimed at psychophysical well-beingit should still be varied and tasty, so as not to be tempted daily by packaged products, perhaps tasty, but unhealthy.
At the basis of a healthy diet , aimed at nourishing body and mind, there should therefore be natural foods, chosen and combined keeping in mind two very important factors:

  • the glycemic index of our meals;
  • the inflammation that a food can generate.

How to feed body and mind: the importance of the glycemic index
Proper nutrition to nourish the body and mind should first of all keep in mind the glycemic index of the foods we eat. Foods with a high glycemic index are those that cause blood sugar to rise quickly and force the body to release large amounts of insulin, to bring blood sugar back to its physiological values. However, large amounts of insulin cause a collapse of blood sugar, establishing a condition called reactive hypoglycemia .
When the blood sugar is so low we feel tired, not very concentrated and we feel the need to eat something again to cheer us up, thus facing continuous glycemic fluctuations during the day. Limiting these sudden increases in blood sugar allows us to have constant and lasting energy, promoting physical and mental performance .
On a practical level, it would therefore be useful:

  • limit as much as possible sugar and sweets in general, rich only in “empty” calories;
  • replace refined cereals with wholemeal ones, more satiating and nutritious;
  • always try to combine carbohydrates with a small source of “good” fats. For example, extra virgin olive oil or nuts (walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts). Fats, even if in small quantities, are important in limiting the glycemic impact of the carbohydrates we eat.

Chronic inflammation: what it is and how to fight
it Chronic inflammation is at the origin of many diseases such as metabolic syndrome, diabetes, cardiovascular and degenerative diseases. Chronic inflammation sets in slowly and remains silent for a long time, while starting to damage cells and tissues throughout the body.
This type of inflammation is caused by the fat accumulated in the waistline, the so-called visceral fat , which releases many pro-inflammatory molecules into the circulation. We therefore understand the importance of adopting a healthy lifestyle, based on proper nutrition and constant physical activity, to limit the accumulation of visceral fat.

Psychophysical well-being: the importance of integration
In periods when you feel more tired both physically and mentally, it is also advisable to evaluate a cycle of integration to keep the body and mind always efficient. In this regard, ESI has thought of three specific supplements:

  1. Multicomplex , a multivitamin and multimineral useful in periods when you do not eat enough fruit and vegetables or when it is useful to increase the daily intake of vitamins and minerals.
  2. GinkgoMax to improve memory and cognitive functions in times of mental fatigue.
  3. Omega3 to counteract chronic inflammation, which is at the origin of numerous pathologies.

The supplement, as the word itself implies, is useful precisely to “integrate” a correct diet. Especially in periods when it is necessary to compensate for any deficiencies or to have a greater intake of specific substances. In order to best nourish the body and mind and promote psychophysical well-being .

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