Nuria Bermudez became a media character in the 1990s due to her appearance in the Martian Chronicles and her love affairs, which included well-known soccer players such as Roberto Carlos, David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo , according to their statements on television, until her supposed ‘ most controversial boyfriend, the lawyer Jose Emilio Rodriguez Menendez, known for his defense of celebrities such as Antonio David, ex-husband of Rocio Carrasco, or for handling the Dioni cases or the farthest from Santiago Corella, El Nani. Now, and after having a son with Dani Guiza -with whom she did have a more or less lasting relationship- and becoming a FIFA agent, Nuria Bermudez has once again become the subject of debates on gossip shows fordenounce Rocio Carrasco as a result of her statements in Tell the truth to stay alive.
In the last installment of her docuseries, Rocio Jurado’s daughter focused on her divorce process, mentioning Nuria Bermudez, with whom her ex-husband had an affair that made her jump into the media spotlight. At that time, Bermudez caused a sensation with some statements that went down in history for his famous “six powders” to the former civil guard. Since then it can be said that it has rained, and her life has changed radically. However, he has not let Rocio Carrasco’s demonstrations pass and her lawyer has announced that she will take “legal action” against her.
Dona Nuria Bermudez does not know, nor has she ever dealt with Mrs. Carrasco, neither personally nor by telephone . Said accusations violate the right to honor of my represented…” The letter of the lawyer refers to the part of the interview in which Carrasco alludes to a phone call from Nuria Bermudez. “(Nuria Bermudez) calls my house to meet me to give me some information that was very useful for the separation. I already knew where it came from. This was to continue creating more scandal. And suddenly, if I go with Fidel (Albiac, her partner) to that meeting that she wants to have, there is a photographer who takes a picture of her with Fidel and they take me away as they have done fifteen hundred times… It was a terrifying situation. night. I didn’t know what I was going to wake up with the next morning. I looked at everything. I looked at the car, I looked at the house… We didn’t know what could happen to us,” Rocio Carrasco said in the fifth episode of his docuseries. This story is “absolutely false”, according to the letter sent to the media by Bermudez’s lawyer.
To fan the flame of controversy, Nuria has shared the following message on Instagram, in whose profile she accumulates more than 42,000 followers: “When a toxic person cannot manipulate you, they will seek to control the way others see you. Good morning.” Everything points to the fact that it will not take long to witness the return of Nuria Bermudez to the screen.

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