“Italy tomorrow: dialogues on the national recovery and resilience plan” and the series of meetings promoted by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers to communicate with citizens, businesses and local administrations on the contents and opportunities of the PNRR. Today was the turn of the Genoese stage.
“We must not fear what we do not understand, we must study it ” said the Minister of Ecological Transition Roberto Cingolani, answering a question on nuclear power, “We have two referendums that have said that nuclear power should not be done in Italy. The law says this. I didn’t say ‘let’s do nuclear power’, mine was just an invitationto do research and development “he then continued.” Except for the keyboard lions, nothing in particular happened. I said this as a physicist , not as a politician. ”
Nuclear does not emit carbon dioxide. It is not my fault, and so. From the point of view of the delegated act on energy of the EU, which looked only to greenhouse gases , it’s green, I’m sorry but that’s it. This is a specific aspect that shouldn’t be ideologized
Roberto Cingolani, Minister of Ecological Transition
“I said that since in the future it is not said that renewable energies will be enough – underlined the minister – then we also evaluate other hypotheses that cannot be old generation nuclear power . The icebreakersfor example they go with nuclear engines. There are studies at the moment to understand if these engines that already exist can become big generators “.
” There are 14 countries in the EU that use nuclear power – recalled Cingolani – Italy is not, this is out of the question. But to these 14 countries someone can really say that now they are no longer investing
I am not a nuclear enthusiast but show me what happens with the fourth generation .
Don’t fear what you don’t understand – he concluded – you have to study it ”
Map of European countries producing nuclear energy
The nuclear debate has reignited since the European Unionhas included this energy source in the Green Taxonomy (the taxonomy is a common classificationeconomic activities that can be considered sustainable from an environmental point of view ) and also following the increase in the price of natural gas which has raised the cost of electricity for households and industrial production.
. Then he reiterated: “We pay for mistakes on our country’s energy mix. We only have gas and renewables and we import gas all from outside. We must technically work on an ecological transition that starts from energy, with a correctly thought-out energy mix., even clearly with contingent measures but we are in a global market and this complicates everything. And so I repeat: there are no ready-made solutions. We need to work and see in real time everything that can be done “.
” We have made a very important commitment with the European Commission and we have a debt that is over 160% of gross domestic product, so we cannot afford to make mistakes “he continued. the minister. “Not so much because we make a fool of ourselves and lose the money, but because then we have the debt left “

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