There is the champion, holder of the Australian Open title, there is Politics, there is the virus, there is a tennis tournament that is about to begin, there are the fans, there is a city with a high rate of vaccinated, there are laws, rules and restrictions and then there is the world that is witnessing the Novak Djokovic case .
The tennis player who left Serbia for Australia – with a vaccination exemption – was confined to Melbourne and was rejected at the border. The controversy over the possible “fast track” was broken when the officials of the Australian Border Force (ABF) canceled the visa because the documentation of exemption from the anti-Covid vaccine was not considered suitable. The athlete’s appeal now moves the decision to a court,
At the moment, the Serb spent the night in a hotel, used by the Australian authorities to house immigrants, while his lawyers work on the appeal. Accusations are flying all around and checks are also triggered on the other players who will have to participate in the Australian Open tournament scheduled from 17 to 30 January.
Srdjan Djokovic
In his homeland it was Srdjan, father of the number one in world tennis, who involved Djokovic’s fans: “He has become the symbol and leader of the free world, a world of poor and oppressed nations and people. , but the truth is like water, it always finds its way “.
As the hours went by, the story degenerated and the words became stones: “My son is a prisoner.Novak and Serbia and Serbia and Novak . They are trampling on Serbia and the Serbian people “. Accusations that have breached the ear of President Aleksandar Vucic .” I just spoke on the phone with Novak – writes the President of the Republic of Serbia on Instagram – and I told him that the whole Serbia is with him and that our authorities will take all measures to stop the mistreatment of the best tennis player in the world as soon as possible.
“” In accordance with all the norms of international public law, Serbia will fight for Novak Djokovic, for justice and truth, “added Vucic. So the case became diplomatic and involved politics. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison whoinitially he was not opposed to the decision of the State of Victoria to grant Djokovic exemption and then sided in favor of border officials: “Nobody is above the rules”. Morrison, who will attempt re-election in March, has been harshly criticized, garnering the indignation of many Australians. After all, 92% in Melbourne are vaccinated with a full course and the restrictions are severe.
Prime Minister Scott Morrison
Interior Minister Karen Andrews gave a hand to the government: ” Mr. Djokovic is not detained in Australia, and free to leave whenever he wants and the border police would help him do so, “he said on various broadcasters. According to Andrews, there are also other” individuals who have not met the entry criteria “, announcing investigations on athletes
. the Djokovic case, the Serbian in the past has talked about his opposition to vaccination, there is also the world of tennis. Former coach and champion Boris Becker warned “the pupil”: “Novak is making a big mistake by not get vaccinated against Covid-19. His decision is a threat to his career and the possibility of cementing himself as the greatest player of all time. ”
The Djokovic affair was also taken up by Rafael Nadal. “I’ve had Covid, I’ve been vaccinated twice, and the only clear thing is that if you get the vaccine you can play. The world has suffered too much for not following the rules.” According to the Spaniard, “Djokovic had been aware of the consequences for months. I think it is normal that people in Australia are annoyed, they have had to go through hard lockdowns, many have not been able to return to their country”. Nick Kyrgios , an Australian player,
also wanted to spend public words: “I firmly believe in taking action, I have vaccinated myself for others and for my mother’s health, but the way we are handling Novak’s situation is ugly, really bad. He is a great champion, but in the end he is human. You can do better, “he concluded.
Melbourne, the hotel that would host the tennis player Djokovic supporters gathered outside the Park Hotel , near the center of Melbourne, with banners and flags while the hashtag #istandwithnovak was born on the web. The tennis player’s wife thanked the fans: “Thanks to you dear ones, all over the world for using your voice to send messages of love to my husband” writes Jelena Djokovic. “I’m taking a deep breath to calm down and find gratitude (and understanding) right now for all that is happening,” she added.

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