When it comes to summer, furniture and design, an element often at the center of attention is the air conditioner. This little technological invention is fundamental: it introduces fresh air into our homes, removes humidity, and is ever more efficient. But, if in the past it was limited to doing its job, today there is a characteristic that – alongside performance – is becoming increasingly important: and design.
Modern air conditioners, as well as efficient, are also beautiful to look at. They are real pieces of furniture, able to fit into a room with discretion, with style, with elegance. And they even win prizes for that. Emblem of the revolution that the sector is experiencing, the Stylish model by Daikin: a perfect synthesis between form and substance, it triumphed at the IF Design Awards and at the Red Hot 2018 . The motif
Its finishes. Alongside white and silver, the company now also offers blackwood, a unique finish on the market that recalls wood and transforms the air conditioner into a sort of complement. Ultra-compact (depth is less than 19 cm), Stylish by Daikin and in energy class A +++ (both in cooling and in heating) and is equipped with aintegrated Wi-Fi adapter to be managed remotely , via smartphone or tablet: because the technology of air conditioners, today, is more and more advanced.
Source: Facebook | Daikin Aerotech – Aerotek srl
There are even air conditioners today capable of emitting an atmosphere light . This is the case of the ARTCOOL Stylist by LG, capable of embellishing any furnishing style and fitting into classic as well as modern or minimalist contexts. What makes it so special
The 3D airflow , for air circulation that – diffused in three directions – is delicate and natural, and then that circle of LED lightthat interacts with the environment. You can choose your favorite color, depending on your mood or taste, and let the air conditioner also take care of the atmosphere of your home.
Of course, LG’s ARTCOOL Stylist isn’t just good looking. The special Skew Fan and BLCD motor technology eliminate unnecessary noise, resulting in maximum silence , while the double protection filter captures dust particles above 10 ┬Ám and bacteria .
Source: Facebook | Altieri Service
And if you want a colored air conditioner, within the walls of your home
The solution is offered by Mitsubishi Electric. The brand new MSZ-LN features theinternal units painted with avant-garde artisan technology, capable of creating refined, intense, artistic colors. There is the white of Pearl White, the black of Onyx Black, the red of Ruby Red: thus, the air conditioner looks more and more like a painting.
Source: Mitsubishi Electric
But also the technology, of the MSZ-LN, and ultra-avant-garde: the 3D infrared sensor (i-see sensor) monitors the temperature of the room to offer personalized comfort, the exclusive coating prevents the accumulation of dust and grease and the air purification system uses powerful plasma technology to filter even microparticles.
Because, although aesthetics are increasingly important, the air conditioner remains above all a household appliance. Beautiful, of design but – above all and obviously – functional.

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