Change in prescription drug prices.The Ministry of Health announced on November 26 that it has updated the reference prices of 17,150 medicines, of which 13,856 are dispensed in pharmacies and 3,294 in hospitals , with which it is estimated that there will be a saving of 234, €13 million. The measure will come into force from January 1, 2022. But, what will its new prices be

Perhaps we had not heard or talked about some of them, but others such as ibuprofen, nolotil, paracetamol or insulin, for some time prescribed by prescription, we are interested in knowing what its new value will be.
The reference price system is a basic mechanism with more than a decade of life that serves to control pharmaceutical spending, with the aim of guaranteeing the sustainability of the public health system. In this sense, 689reference sets have also been suppressed , 452 of them available in pharmacies and 237 exclusively for hospital use.
Before detailing the new prices of the reference medicines, we advance some good news: the most purchased medicines in Spanish pharmacies (which include Paracetamol in tablets, Lexatin, Orfidal, Nolotil, insulin, paracetamol or Ventolin ) remain stable.The distributors, for their part, will maintain the distributor’s sale price prior to this reduction for a period of twenty calendar days.
In turn, the pharmacy offices also keep the prices to the public with the previous calculation, until the last day of the month following the date of application of the Order, that is, until December 31.


Nolotil 575 mg of 20 capsules: 2.26 euros
Paracetamol Cinfa 650 mg of 40 film-coated tablets EF: 1.31 euros.
Ventolin 2 mg/5 ml syrup, 150 ml bottle: 2.5 euros.
Lexatin 1.5 mg of 30 capsules: 1.09 euros.
Orfidal 1 mg and box of 50 tablets: 1.72 euros.
Diazepam Normon 5 mg: 1.5 euros.
Amoxicillin Mylan of 30 pills: 10.25 euros.
Voltaren 50 mg of 30 pills: 1.65 euros.
Ibuprofen Teva of 400 grams and 30 tablets: 1.32 euros
Lansoprazole Cinfamed 15 mg of 28 capsules: 5.1 euros.
Ramipril Sandoz 5 mg 28 tablets: 3.1 euros.
Here you can access the PDF with the complete list of medicines to check their new laboratory sale price and the price for sale to the public.

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