Last Tuesday, November 30, the meeting between Sevilla and Joris Gnagnon took place at the Mediation, Arbitration and Conciliation Center (CMAC) to try to reach an agreement after the lawsuit before the Social Court that the footballer filed against him. club for his dismissal. There was no agreement. That is, there will be a lawsuit.
Sevilla fired Gnagnon at the end of September for lack of professionalism, in the face of what the club understood as an indisciplinary recidivism regarding the diet and weight guidelines that govern the first team for a dedication such as high-level soccer competition. The footballer filed a lawsuit against this dismissal, while negotiating his transfer to Saint Etienne, already as a free agent.
The French center-back even underwent a medical examination last Friday, November 26, at the Loire Department club. In fact, on the page specialized in the Transfermarkt market, it already appears as signed by Saint Etienne as of January 1, 2022.
His signing by the French club has not yet been made official, although this has nothing to do with the demand in course of the player against Sevilla, to which he claims some amounts for that dismissal, considering it inadmissible.
The footballer, with a strong complexion, will surely argue that he has not missed daily work in the sports city until he was fired by the club, and Sevilla, on the other hand, argues that he has not complied with the guidelines set by the coaching staff and the nutritionists, who implemented a strict regimen to lower his obvious overweight than the footballer.
The Social trial for the Gnagnon lawsuit will take time to start and may not take place for another two or three years, possibly not before 2024.
Gnagnon signed for Sevilla in the summer of 2018, when he arrived from Rennes for 13.5 million euros. After an irregular first year, with some brilliant match like Sevilla-Atletico de Madrid, he was loaned in 2019 to his home club, after Julen Lopetegui tested him in that preseason, when he was expelled for a treacherous kick in the friendly Sevilla -Liverpool.
In the 19-20 season, Gnagnon spent six months without competing, when Ligue 1 was suspended due to Covid-19 since March and Rennes was also eliminated in the group stage. When he returned to the discipline of Sevilla he presented himself to Lopetegui in a state that did not correspond to a high competition footballer, although he was registered in LaLiga: he only played for a while in the first cup round, evidencing his lack of form.
In the 2021 preseason, he returned to appear and the club understood that he again lacked those dietary and physical condition guidelines, which caused Sevilla to fire him in September, after having been in a strange situation: he was not registered in LaLiga, like Amadou, and he trained in the sports city, but, also like his compatriot, he did not participate in specific group training to prepare for matches. Until he was fired for lack of professionalism at the end of September.

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