There are songs that become the soundtrack of our existence, but there are others that paint and enclose a real whole piece of our life. “Night before the exams” by Antonello Venditti is the proof. It is a song that, from 1984 to today, tells the emotions of the night that precedes the final exams. Tonight thousands of kids are waiting to show up at one of the most important appointments ever, so let’s remember together a song, a hymn, now considered poetry. Good luck. An immortal song for each of us
From 1984 to today, anyone before the night of maturity, crying on the notes of the night before the exams by Antonello Venditti. A song that tells of a Roman summer in which four boys take their first steps towards the world of adults, crossed by strong passion for music.
A song about love, love for life, love for friends and moments of lightheartedness lived together, for the famous “Claudia”. A song that describes the expectations but also the fears of every boy in front of one of the most important rocks in his life: the final exams. The first test of Italian of the maturity is looming and the stories of these four boys rattle off in the hours of this endless night. A night made up of meetings and desires. a night spent in the alleys and squares of Rome, lively and noisy with the sirens of ambulances and police. In short, a real hymn to youth and the strong emotions that distinguish it. A poem accompanied by the most famous notes of Italian music.The unrepeatable night before exams
Who doesn’t remember the strong emotion of the night before exams
A night made of anxieties, memories, songs sung out loud, the sultry heat of June, passion. A night that marked the life of all of us and that marked many other kids. It is one of those evenings that remain photographed so clearly in one’s head that two notes by Antonello Venditti are enough to bring back everything. “Maturita I had taken you before”, says the latter, and we immediately start singing in chorus. They scare the hours of the night before exams, yes. but they are certainly unrepeatable. love, sing out loud, sleep, cry over your books, but don’t forget to live as intensely as possible every second that passes.The text
I remember, four boys with guitar
And a piano on their shoulder
Like pines in Rome, life doesn’t break them
This night is still ours
But how do secretaries with glasses get married by lawyers
Six o’clock bombs don’t bad,
And only the day he dies, and only the day he dies
The exams are near
And you’re too far from my room
Your father looks like Dante and your brother Ariosto
Tonight in the usual place, the moon looks strange
Sara I haven’t seen you since a week
Maturity, I had taken you first
My hands on your breast
And your mystery thick
Your sin is as original as your American trousers
Please don’t stop my hands
On your outstretched thighs closed like the churches
When you want to confess
Night before exams, police night
Sure someone took it away
Mom and dad’s night with bottle in hand
Grandfather’s night at the window
But tonight is still ours
Night of young actors, cold pizzas and trousers
Night of dreams, cups and samples
Night of tears and prayers
Mathematics will never be my job
And planes fly high between New York and Moscow
But tonight and still ours
Claudia don’t tremble
I can’t hurt you
If love and love
The lights come on here on the stage
But how many friends around
I feel like singing
Maybe changed, certainly a little different
But with the desire to change again
If love is love, if love is love
If love is love, if love is love
If love is love
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