New York City is one of the most beautiful metropolises in the world for many reasons, but above all because it offers an infinite number of attractions for both tourists and residents. Among the most popular attractions of the Big Apple there are undoubtedly its numerous urban parks. Manhattan and Brooklyn hold the record of the most famous city parks in the United States of America. Here’s the list.

Central Park, Manhattan
With its 341 hectares, Central Park is the largest urban park on the island of Manhattan, as well as the most famous of all in NYC and beyond. There are countless paths that cross the large meadows where you can play, sunbathe, organize picnics, attend concerts, and do many other recreational activities. There are also several lakes in Central Park, some large enough for rowing in the summer, and ice skating in the winter.
Don’t miss: Cleopatra’s needle, one of the three ancient Egyptian obelisks (the other two are in London and Paris) built over 3000 years ago and arrived in New York in 1881.

Union Square Park, Manhattan
Located in the center of one of Manhattan’s premier shopping districts, Union Square Park truly offers a lot in its modest 3.6-acre space. In the southern areas of the park, where there are bleachers (see image above), there are often political demonstrators, break-dancers, and skateboarders; while the benches placed along the paths shaded by the trees are usually occupied by the employees who sit there to eat their lunch.
Not to be missed: the Greenmarket, held every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday; here many of the best chefs in the Big Apple restaurants buy fresh seasonal vegetables from local farmers. In the market you can also find other foods, including cheeses, sweets and biscuits, as well as artisanal products. In short, an authentic traditional market nestled among the skyscrapers.

Bryant Park, Manhattan
An oasis of peace just outside the hustle and bustle of Times Square. The 3.9 acres of Bryant Park is a godsend for any Midtown Manhattan employee who needs a breath of fresh air and relaxation during lunchtime. The park is also popular for ice skating during the cold months; while in the hottest periods people love to lie down on the fresh and soft blanket of grass. Until 2009, New York Fashion Week was also held in Bryant Park.
Not to be missed: every summer in the city park a giant screen is set up for the projection of a series of films that can be viewed for free. The only drawback: you have to arrive in time to find a place. New Yorkers travel to the park several hours before the show begins to grab the best seats.

High Line Park, Manhattan
The long High Line urban park is the newest in the Big Apple as well as the tallest, having been built on the West Side Line elevated subway railway. The High Line is approximately 2.33km long and spans more than 15 blocks. Along the way you can relax on the benches, admire the flowers and plants, but also the local works of art, graffiti and wonderful architectural creations. Unforgettable are the panoramas and splendid views over the city, the Hudson River, the artistic districts of the West Village and Chelsea.
Not to be missed: the view from the glass panels on West 17th Street, from which you can watch the cars speeding by below.

Madison Square Park, Manhattan
This 2.6 hectare urban park is one of the quietest in New York (except in the summer, when there are often outdoor music and festivals). Madison Square Park is surrounded by some buildings of considerable importance, also from an architectural point of view: the Flatiron Building (the building in the shape of an iron, hence its name), the Met Life Tower, and the Woolworth Building.
Not to be missed: the Shake Shack, the original, that is the one that gives a simple “cart” of hot dogs that started its business by selling right in Madison Square Park and then transformed into one of the most popular fast food chains in the States United States of America. Now, Madison Square Park has a permanent Shake Shack stand (pictured above) serving burgers, hot dogs, and its signature creamy milkshake.

Washington Square Park, Manhattan
Washington Square Park is a green area of ​​almost 4 hectares located in the artistic Greenwich Village. The symbol of this city park is undoubtedly the Washington Square Arch which is located at the north entrance, a small marble triumphal arch (23 meters high) built in 1892. Every day, thousands of residents and tourists – so like many NYU students, who consider the park a bit like their backyard – they congregate around Washington Square Park’s central fountain (pictured above).
Not to be missed: the chess tables in the western part of the park, where local players (cheaters) challenge anyone willing to play for money (be careful not to fall for them!).

Prospect Park, Brooklyn
237 hectares of greenery make this city park one of the largest in New York. Large green lawns where local football teams are often seen playing, a myriad of play areas for children, and several barbecue spaces. Prospect Park is also the starting point of the Brooklyn Half Marathon.
Don’t Miss: The annual performing arts festival known as Celebrate Brooklyn!

Battery Park, Manhattan
Battery Park is a 10-hectare city park located at the south end of Manhattan. Its name originates from the battery of guns deployed in this area during the seventeenth century by the Dutch and the British to defend the port of the city. From Battery Park you can take the ferry to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.
Not to be missed: the view from below of the One World Trade Center, or Freedom Tower, the tallest building in the United States of America.

Tompkins Square Park, Manhattan
Tompkins Square Park is a 4.2 hectare public park located in the East Village of the island of Manhattan. Unfortunately, in the past, this was one of the meeting places for Manhattan drug dealers; but today, fortunately, it has become an oasis of peace for families, with several play areas for children and many colorful flower beds shaded by elms.
Don’t miss: the park hosts the Howl Festival to commemorate Allen Ginsberg, and the Charlie Parker Jazz Festival.

McCarren Park, Brooklyn
The main attraction of this 14-hectare urban park located between the Greenpoint and Williamsburg neighborhoods of Brooklyn is the recently renovated and reopened Olympic size swimming pool. The green lawns are often occupied by local baseball and soccer teams, as well as by bowlers and families planning their picnics.
Don’t miss: in summer, McCarren Park offers free concerts and film screenings.
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