It’s time to say goodbye to 2021 and set our eyes (and illusion and hope) on 2022. Despite the fact that this Christmas has not really been as normal as we expected, we have not been able to resist looking for that perfect Christmas look. Christmas sequins have shone brighter than ever these holidays and the definitive trends that have marked Christmas looks have made clear the importance of shining. For this reason, we are clear that the New Year’s Eve look has to live up to expectations.
Although it still seems like a very successful option to us, it is quite normal that you are already tired of repeating the eternal Little Black Dress every year, but we assure you that whatever your style,there is a perfect outfit for you waiting for you for the last night of the year , and we are going to find it.
We cannot cut the root with these last two years, and neither with everything that has happened in fashion in that time: the comfy style and the partleisure (a hybrid that mixes party clothes with other more casual and comfortable aesthetics), luckily or unfortunately they stay with us. This New Year’s Eve anything goes, perpetuate with the most comfortable trends inherited from the pandemic , extravagant looks full of party desire…
So that you have at your fingertips all the inspiration you need to find the perfect outfit for New Year’s Eve, we offer you Eight ideas of ideal looks to say goodbye to 2021 in style, being the most stylish without failing your style, and thus being able to celebrate the entrance of the long-awaited 2022 as it deserves, with a lot of brightness and joy .

Colored jumpsuit with sequins, how to be the funniest of the night

If you are looking to shine and stand out on the most special night of the year, this jumpsuit is for you. Sequins are a must at the end of the year, but few girls dare to wear them in a look as colorful and fun as this one . A long jumpsuit is perfect for the coldest girls, and if you get one full of sequins, without a doubt, you will shine like never before.

Maroon mini dress with sequins, the safe bet for a New Year’s Eve look
We must admit that the Little Black dress has saved us on more than one occasion, but we have already burned this handy option and New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to take a little risk . A dress with this cut, with long sleeves and a high neckline, greatly stylizes the figure and has an elegant touch. In a dark tone we will hardly notice having given up on black, and adorned with sequins and glitter in other shades our look will have much more life. Garnet is the perfect color to innovate without risking too much.

Black & white set, elegant and chic in a two-piece

Don’t be fooled, not only dresses live New Year’s Eve, the pants can also be the protagonists of the night. A set like this blouse and pants is the proof of it. Simple a priori, and combining black and white, it is the perfect bet if you prefer to bet on a jewel heel and special accessories for the last night of the year. In addition, it is a look that you can create with clothes that you already have in your closet if time has caught up with you.

Everything in green: The color of the season, also for the last night of the year

Mini dresses are the most seen trend every year on New Year’s Eve, but that does not mean that we have to give up an original look for it. In green, one of the colors of the season, and with special details: satin fabric, marked shoulder pads, infinite V-neckline… you will get an outfit of 10 to celebrate the end of the year in style.

The quintessential color of Christmas, also at New Year’s Eve

Red is the color of the Christmas holidays, and nothing prevents us from making it also the protagonist of the last night of the year. In mini format and combined with gold, it is a safe bet (and super sexy) to be radiant and celebrate New Year’s Eve with family and friends wearing a very Christmassy look.

Jewel jacket and metallic garments, more is always more at New Year

‘s Eve Special garments with details raise the score of all looks, and investing in a different jacket seems like a safe bet, besides, with it you can give a unique touch to any super basic outfit. For New Year’s Eve, combining a simple top, striking metallic pants and that special jacket , you will create a super personal and different look to highlight this New Year’s Eve.

Crop top and skirt with an opening, the sexiest look for the new year

Two-piece sets are a safe bet, and if the garments are also full of glitter and have a geometric print that is so fashionable this winter, we get a perfect look, and super sexy for brand new 2022. If you don’t like the idea of ​​such an ornate look, you can opt for aMore basic bottom part and in neutral colors to give total prominence to your crop top.

Mix of casual and glam style, the trend inherited from the pandemic that still persists

Although we want it, it is impossible to make a clean slate with the trends derived from the pandemic , and there are those who can no longer abandon the comfy and partleisure styles. This year, despite the fact that if we can celebrate New Year’s Eve away from home, there is no reason to give them up if we like them. A shiny dress with more casual elements such as casual jackets or ankle boots is another way to welcome the new year being super faithful to your style.

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