A new social network emerges strongly and is here to stay alongside those already known (Facebook, Instagram or Twitter). In a year in which Tik Tok has experienced the greatest growth, OnlyFans is becoming a job resource for many Spanish celebrities.In this social network, users share racy content in exchange for a subscription.The more erotic content is published, the higher the income that is collected.
After achieving popularity among the anonymous public, many celebrities have jumped on the OnlyFans bandwagon in a context of economic crisis. The singer Mala Rodriguez, the actress Mari Cielo Pajares, Daniela Blume, former contestants of Women and men and vice versa such as Alberto Santana, Steisy, Lola Ortiz, as well as participants of The island of temptations, cases of Alex Bueno or Andrea Gasca , are some of the most active Spanish celebrities in this social network.

Alex Bueno , a contestant on the first edition of The Island of Temptations, has revealed some of the proposals that have come to him through OnlyFans. 2I have even been offered 10,000 euros to accompany a dinner. Logically I said no. The one that surprised me the most was that of a boy who offered me 30,000 euros if he would let me do fellatio for him “assured the young man. Fiama’s ex-boyfriend wanted to clarify the use that he applies to the application. “People like the everyday, the close. That’s why I upload things from day to day, but with a sexual touch. I don’t go into the purely sexual, I respect it, but I know what my position is. I don’t sell porn , “I emphasize .
One of the last to join this new trend has been Mala Rodriguez . Her entry into OnlyFans has generated a stream of criticism, since many consider that it is a world alien to her profession and from which the singer herself has always wanted to distance herself.

Daniela Blume, former Big Brother VIP contestant,He has recognized in Salvame the large amount he has earned in a single day. “I have come to earn 20,000 euros in one day with a flat detail photo of my breasts. I don’t meet anyone, but it is true that sometimes I meet interesting people. There are many people who have asked me for underwear to put on both , her and him, to be able to be used”, I affirm.
In the adult content application there is also Mari Cielo Pajares.The daughter of the well-known actor has confessed on Telecinco that she had to market her erotic photos to get out of an economic downturn. “When the state of alarm occurred, everything I had as a source of income vanished. The worst thing is that you don’t have unemployment, you don’t have ERTE, or any kind of help,” explained the contestant from The Strong House.

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