The hottest season is always a harbinger of renewal in the home and beyond. Among the things to change that, absolutely, can be done and that have the ability to completely change the appearance of an environment, there are certainly the walls. Color them, renew them or embellish them with wallpaper and one of the “revolutionary” interventions that, in a few steps, can really upset the whole. Whether it is to modernize everything with a new color for one or more walls, to focus on new and interesting two-color experiments, or to open up to the wonderful world of wallpapers, the change in the home cannot be exempt from a renewal of the walls. To find out how to do this, here are 3 different solutions from which to be inspired to get into gear and launch into full-color change.1.Decided pastel shades to start
A new color to renovate the walls of the living or sleeping area can be a good idea and not only because a new color on the walls will give the space new life and energy, but also to repaint the walls. walls and always a great way to sanitize environments. But how to choose the right color and what to get inspired by
There are different color palettes from which to draw, but when we talk about furniture colors, these should never be chosen only on the basis of a trend or a momentary (chromatic) fall in love. In fact, it would always be advisable to think very carefully both on the color and on the type of wall (and therefore of space) that will be renovated considering well: the dimensions (width and height of the ceilings), the quantity of natural lightwhich this enjoys, the type of environment you want to create (and what use this will have) and the existing style of furniture or that you plan to create. Only after carefully evaluating these elements will it be possible to orientate on the right shade to introduce at home by drawing on the different shades of the 2 macrosystems: the passionate and energizing shades (those that include red, yellow, orange …) and the calming ones that open up to concentration (like green, blue …).
The advice is always to approach furnishing colors with great attention, especially if you start from a total white home or dressed in neutral colors and if you have never brought a color into the house, to play with intense shades, but not too saturated, easier to combine with different styles of furniture and that brighten the whole without creating too many problems. This does not necessarily mean beige, among the most interesting colors that meet these requirements we certainly find the whole range of colder blues, less dense greens, yellow that is not too bright, but also pink, an increasingly thick transversal chromatic base for new ones. interpretations of furniture of great quality and character.2.Floral wallpaper to follow the trend
We have said several times that wallpapers are one of the most loved trends of recent years, considered by experts but not only the new “never without” in the world of furniture. the new frontier of decoration, for this reason they are increasingly requested and used both in the design phase and when thinking about the restructuring of a single environment. Ideal for personalizing and quickly changing the face of a space, they are the transversal keystone of different styles, from the most essential and minimal ones to the richest and most traditional ones. Easy to install and, above all to clean and sanitize, they are available in the widest ranges of patterns and respond to every kind of taste and style.
Often considered the central element of new furnishing trends, they find their maximum expression in botanical and floral patterns.
Green palms and macro leaves of Banana, Monstera and / or Philodendron, but also abstract flowers and romantic buds make up the most interesting trends and between vivid colors and delicate pastel shades allow you to change the face of an environment, in a short time and with all costs. added contents. Wallpapers are today the most suitable solution for those looking for something that gives character, dynamism and aesthetic quality. 3. Play with a double color
When you think about a new colored wall, you almost always think about a single color. A conventional and “safe” choice, with which, once the right tone has been selected for that environment, it is difficult to go wrong. If you want, however, something different that gives the whole a little more particularity, opting on the hypothesis of betting not on 1, but on a double tone can open the field to interesting and original experiments. Two-tone combinations will give life to new solutions capable of completely distorting the appearance of an environment, enhancing it. In this case it is a question of working with 2 colors, articulating them with different options, calibrating the color well to the dimensions of the space (width, height…) and to the type of furniture that will be given to the environment once completed.( i.e. belonging to the same chromatic scale) by placing the darker color at the bottom and the lighter one at the top, but also, in the presence of particularly high ceilings, playing with contrasts by combining 2 strong colors or, for those who want something really special, think about games of geometries on the wall, perfect to create something truly unusual.
Renewing the walls of an environment by playing with the different articulations of color, with a new solid color or with an unprecedented texture is certainly the fastest and most interesting decorative expedient to revolutionize an environment with quality. A ploy to study well, but not to be underestimated to “clean up” and technically sanitize a space and rethink it with newfound energy.
Claudia Schiera

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