The Lidl supermarket is not willing to give up its intention to fully enter the battle to gain a foothold in the world of kitchen robots. His first attempt was full of controversy because Vorwerk, manufacturer of Thermomix, accused him of plagiarism with his ‘Monsieur Cuisine’ and they were forced to withdraw all their kitchen robots. But its resources in this field have not ended in that attempt, far from it. Its new kitchen robot is now on sale, the Kenwood Prospero 900 W kitchen robot , with 3 stainless steel discs and that works plugged into the electrical network.

Excuses for not cooking at home are over.With this flagship product from Lidl you can do it in a comfortable, simple and healthy way. With any product and at any time. The price is quite competitive within a sector accustomed to a lot of expense, since it only costs 199.99 euros , notably lower than that of other brands of kitchen robot that are currently on the market. Also available on Amazon for €199.

Special features

As reported, hundreds of recipes can be made with it, in addition to melting chocolate. With capacity for 4.3 liters and power of 900W.,Lidl’s new appliance works by induction, has a fairly wide temperature range (from 20ºC to 180ºC) and special features: It has cable storage, a removable juice casing, a spatula and kneading utensils.
Lidl’s reinvented variable speed food processor also has an integrated scale to easily weigh all the necessary ingredients directly in the robot. You will not have to have a separate weight. You can do it all in the robot itself. Likewise, the control screen is in color , so it will be much easier to distinguish the program to choose or the time each recipe requires.
This new Lidl kitchen robot is somewhat smaller than the previous Monsieur Cuisine model. The measurements are 29 x 31 x 24 (L x W x D) and it has a diameter of 23 centimeters . Made of plastic and stainless steel, it weighs 4.5 Kg and has a cup capacity of 4.3 liters, being very easy to disassemble, so it can be washed without any problem after making each recipe.
Lidl’s new kitchen robot can only be purchased through its website, at least for now, and it offers its own application to control it
Lidl’s new kitchen robot can only be purchased through its website, at least for now, and it offers its own application to control it (Kenwood World), available on both Android and iOS. There you will find an infinity of recipes to be able to experiment in the kitchen and show yourself that eating healthy in a comfortable and fun way is possible.

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