We have long talked about the new shade proposed by Pantone for 2022: Very Peri, a new and stimulating shade of purplish blue. But 2022 will be a year full of color that, above all, in the home universe, is a candidate to move things a little to give combinations to be developed. In particular, a palette of four interesting shades – chosen by the most important international companies that deal with color at 360 ° – could bring quality to the home and renovate with taste. But what are these 4 shades
It starts from a fresh and free blue, to go towards a vibrant (and inevitable) shade of green, then there is a gradation of pink that takes up the nuances of the mauve color and finally arrives at a warm and sweet yellow. The universe of colors for this year really promises sparks. Let’s find out how to develop them at home. A gentle nuance: the blue sky
The shades of blue and light blue are increasingly the protagonists of the home universe. This shade, in particular, which is located right in the middle between light blue and classic blue, is a candidate to become a new, less conventional, “neutral” shade of blue. For those who love the most gentle and delicate shades, sky blue and avant-garde as well as a guarantee of brightness and optimism. Combinable with all furnishing styles, it lightens and refreshes and opens up to the creation of large spaces. Furthermore, it can be easily inserted in all rooms of the house: from the bedroom to the living area. Undemanding and ideal for warming the total white of floors and walls or to mitigate too dark furnishings and finishes. On the wall, it lends itself very well to coloring ceilings and to better develop one of the trends ofA vibrant shade: mint green
Less and less news and more and more a certainty green, in its many variations, is a color that cannot be missing at home. A winning color that, depending on the nuances, can revolutionize and innovate and is perfect for mixing tradition and modernity in the best possible way. In the deep and vibrant shade of mint green, it gives the spaces intensity and concreteness, as well as a certain elegance. Excellent for renovating one or more surfaces, it lends itself well to being combined with other bold colors (such as the more intense blues, the denser reds and / or the whole range of earthy oranges) to create chromatic incursions or bands of color (and easy boiserie ) perfect for giving new sprint to an environment and giving quality with a trendy color.A color that gives character: mauve
pink Still pink! After the millennial pink that has literally depopulated in recent seasons and the Pantone color Rose Quartz of a few years ago, mauve pink is a “new” chromatic proposal that pushes towards the shades of lilac and blue. A gradation that brings inside a feeling of happiness and great calm, a color rich in shades that, at home, lends itself to different combinations. In particular, it is perfect for all those environments dedicated to rest and relaxation. Developed on fabrics and textile elements, for upholstery or on the wall, as the basis of a wallpaper, and to be considered to rejuvenate slightly dated spaces and styles and revolutionize, for example, a shabby chic or an aged country style.To heat rooms: honey yellow
The color of the sun, in recent years, has also experienced a renewed interest in the world of furniture. Developed in less acidic and brilliant shades than in the past, but declined in more subdued shades like this one of honey yellow, it is a color rich in style and refinement. If you are looking for a warm shade that is trendy, but at the same time that integrates well with the more traditional colors this tip of yellow.

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