We pointed it out a few months ago and the measure is closer to starting. In the month of June, the new electricity bill will reach homes and businesses , based on time slots and with which, according to the Andalusian Energy Agency, we can save between 150 and 300 euros per year if we carry out certain recommended practices .

As of June 1, all consumers and SMEs with a power equal to or less than 15 kW will be transformed into a single rate, the 2.0TD. It will have 3 energy terms and 2 power terms. The different types of time discrimination that we know so far are reformed, giving way to a single time discrimination. The hourly discrimination of the new rate has 3 periods:
Peak: most expensive hours (10-14; 18-22)
Llano: hours with average price (8-10, 14-18, 22-00)
Valley: hours with reduced price (00-8; and weekends and holidays nationals).
With the new electricity rate you can choose two different powers , one for the off-peak period and another for the peak. Or, if you prefer, you can hire the same one for both bands. Weekends and national holidays are also considered off-peak hours for the term of power. Changes in access tolls will also affect consumers with contracted power greater than 15 kW.
With the change in pricing, the year is divided into 4 electrical periods or seasons, the price per kWh being different for each of them. Depending on the season in which we are, we can classify the day of the week in a different way, being the classification A the most expensive and D the cheapest.
In the high season from Monday to Friday it will be considered with the grade A, in the medium-high season, with the B, in the medium, with the B1, and in the low season with the C, reserving the consideration grade D (the most cheap) for any weekend, regardless of the period in which we find ourselves.

More savings and efficiency

The main reason for the change of criteria in the electricity bill is to get consumers to modify their consumption habits and introduceenergy efficiency measures that help improve the environment and quality of life.
With the new electricity tariff we will pay less for the contracted power, since the fixed part of our bill will be reduced. Another novelty of the new electricity bill is that two different power values ​​can be contracted according to the period of consumption. The estimate is that a household that has contracted a power of 4.6 kW will go from paying 250 euros per year (taxes included) to 150 euros/year.
A home that has contracted a power of 4.6 kW will go from paying 250 euros per year to 150 euros / year
The Agency recommends, however, review whether we really need the power that we have contracted. Reducing it from 4.6 kW to 3.6 kW would mean lowering that cost in the new bill from 150 euros to 120 euros per year (taxes included).

Know the status of our contract

With the changes introduced in the new electricity bill, it is important that we know how we have contracted our electricity bill because, depending on that, the savings may be greater or less. Thus, users of the regulated market will notice much more the savings they can achieve in the different time slots if they change their consumption habits.
There are those who think that people will get used to putting the devices on at night,aided by the plugs that program the operation of the devices , or on weekends and others that users will not condition their lives to the price of electricity, due to the impossibility of the vital rhythm that families suffer, which in the end will translate into a higher cost. Time will tell if the measure has helped improve the economy and the quality of life of families or the opposite.

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