The State Security Forces and Bodies will be reinforced with 4,419 new positions: 2,328 for the National Police and another 2,091 for the Civil Guard, which means, according to the Government’s calculations, a replacement rate of 115%.
The offer of places is included in two separate royal decrees submitted to the Council of Ministers on the joint initiative of the Ministry of Territorial Policy and Public Function and the Ministry of the Interior, which highlights that it is due to “planning to reverse the process of reducing staff that had occurred in previous legislatures” .
According to data from the Interior, with this public employment offer they are already13,880 positions announced for the National Police and the Civil Guard since 2019: 4,816 positions offered in 2019 and 4,645 in 2020.

The 2,328 positions for the National Police of the new call

The public employment offer of the National Police for the year 2021 contemplates in the free opposition regime, the call for a total of 2,328 places, 110 for the Executive Scale and 2,218 for the Basic Scale .
Of the latter, 444 are reserved for professional soldiers and sailors with at least five years of seniority., as provided for in article 20.5 of Law 8/2006, of April 24, on Troops and Sailors. The places that are not covered by this route will accumulate to those of free shift. The offer of 110 places for the Executive Scale in a free opposition regime entails the call for another 110 offered as internal promotion of access to said scale from the category of sub-inspector, in accordance with the provisions of article 13.1 of the Regulation of the selective processes and training of the National Police Corps, approved by Royal Decree 614/1995, of April 21.

The 2,019 positions for the Civil Guard of the new call

The offer of public employment of the Civil Guard, for its part, contemplates direct entry into the Scale of Corporals and Guards throughcall for 2,091 places, of which 837 are reserved for professional soldiers and sailors, in accordance with the provisions of article 20.4 of Law 8/2006. Another 175 places are reserved for the students of the College of Young Guards Duke of Ahumada based in Valdemoro (Madrid).
The places reserved for professional military troops and sailors and students of the Colegio de Guardias Jovenes that are not filled for any reason will be added to the quota of places for the free access shift.
To this offer it is possible to add the 65 places corresponding to the Scale of Officerswhich were already approved together with the annual provision of positions in the Armed Forces, as part of their joint training process, through the recent Royal Decree 324/2021, of May 4.
In addition, the royal decree approved this Tuesday authorizes the call for 330 positions in the internal promotion regime, 250 for the NCO Scale and 80 for the Officer Scale , 70 of them through the internal promotion modality and the remaining 10 through the modality scale change.
The Government has explained that the public employment offer applies the replacement rate of 115% as provided in article 19 of Law 11/2020, of December 30, on General State Budgets for the year 2021.

New competitive examinations for the Police and Civil Guard with 4,400 places: how to register

The National Police and Civil Guard Corps will receive new members in the coming years thanks to this new batch of competitive examinations that have just been published. With this new offer, the new positions offered since 2019 rise to 13,880, which makes it one of the largest public employment offers in these two bodies in recent years.

Public examinations for the National Police: 2,328 positions

The 2,328 positions in the National Police are divided as follows: 110 for the Executive Scale and 2,218 for the Basic Scale.
On a basic scale, the requirements are as follows:
Have Spanish nationality.
Be over 18 years of age.
Have a minimum height of 1.65 meters for men and 1.60 meters for women.
Be in possession of a bachelor’s degree, equivalent or higher.
The commitment to carry weapons
Type B driving license. Not have been convicted of a malicious crime or be separated or disabled by the service of the State or the Public Administration.
Those interested in the call for the National Police must complete form 790 and pay the fees, which are around 16 euros. That document and the process is open from the website of the National Police through this link.

Oppositions to Civil Guard: 2,091 places
With regard to the offer for Civil Guards, the offer is distributed with 837 reserved also for the military, and 175 for students of the College of Young Guards Duke of Ahumada based in Valdemoro. Again, those that are not covered by this process will go on to free access.
Requirements to be a Civil Guard and how
to register Have Spanish nationality
Be of legal age and not exceed the maximum age of 40 years
Not have a criminal record
Not be prosecuted or have an open trial in any judicial proceeding for an intentional crime
Have possession of the title Compulsory Secondary Education (ESO)
The commitment to carry weapons and use them in cases established by law
Have a type B driving license
Do not have tattoos that derive from constitutional values, against the Civil Guard, that contain discriminatory reasons. Now, thanks to new regulations, it can be visible, although with limitations.
The request for admission to this process will be made electronically through the Electronic Headquarters of the Civil Guard, selecting the procedure “Request for Entry to the Scale of Corporals and Guards” in the corresponding modality according to the payment of fees (without reduction, with bonus or exemption).
To access this procedure, you can use any of the identification methods accepted on the cl@ve platform ( DNIe/Electronic certificate, Cl@ve PIN, Cl@vePermanent ).

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