Is there a millennial out there
, someone from the ‘generation Z’ a little ahead of their time

If you have entered this article it is because all the feelings have invaded you and your head has had a flashback . What you read, your adolescent or almost post-childhood series have come back to cheer you up on September afternoons and the culprit for this has been none other than the Netflix streaming platform .
If you were one of those who lived glued to the TV every week watching the gossip that surrounded the ‘Zurbaran’ school , the mysteries that the ‘Laguna Negra’ hid or the adventures that Mario Casas lived aboard the‘Polar star’ , this is definitely your place.
The platform has taken care to add these three golden series of Spanish youth to its monthly content this August 31 , with artists who today have carved out a great career in the world of acting; Ursula Corbero , Blanca Suarez , Martino Rivas or Maxi Iglesias , in addition to the aforementioned Mario Casas, among others.
Although recently we can count on audiovisual updates such as the reunion of ‘FoQ’ or the new version of ‘El Internado’,It is clear that our nostalgic feeling can us. So if you’re dying to see your favorite stars on screen again, don’t hesitate to go to Netflix where all seasons of these television hits are already available. Don’t you remember its plots well
Let ‘s remember

‘The Ship’

In the year 2011, the ‘Polar Star’ sailed across the wide sea without realizing that a natural catastrophe would end the earth as we knew it, or at least that was what his crew thought. Followed by almost five million viewers , the adventures of this group of sailors starring Mario Casas, Blanca Suarez, Irene Montala and Juanjo ArteroThey did not leave anyone indifferent. A particle accelerator destroyed practically the entire earth’s surface and our protagonists only had their ship and limited supplies as the only source of survival. A series of strange and bizarre events would accompany them throughout their three-season journey that would end in 2013 .

‘El Internado: Laguna negra’

Who hasn’t had nightmares after watching an episode of this disturbing series

‘El Internado’ kicked off in 2007 with a run of 7 seasonswhere the Laguna Negra students and their mythical blue uniforms would end up becoming an essential part of our lives. With a mysterious and gloomy tint, this story of suspense and teenage psychological thriller would reveal the secrets that were hidden in the walls of the enigmatic school. Including a Nazi plot , fantasy and of course romantic stories between its protagonists, this production stole our hearts. The star cast was made up of Blanca Suarez , Yon Gonzalez , Ana de Armas , Martino Rivas and Elena Furiase , and today Amazon Prime has launched a ‘reebot’with new characters and stories but maintaining the dark and mysterious essence of the original plot.

‘Physics or Chemistry’

“Alternative medicine, your saliva, my saliva… Is it physical or chemical” How many of you haven’t hummed the famous Despistaos

This soundtrack that will go down in history was responsible for opening a new Chapter of the mythical series that began its broadcast in 2008 and lasted 7 seasons until its end in 2011 .
A production that told us the life of a group of teenagers with quite revolutionized hormones where the reality is that the least they did was study. Romantic relationships, sexual experiences, diversity and tolerance, addictions , family problems… There were many controversial issues that were dealt with in this series that took a step forward by opening the minds of society and especially of the youngest. Starring Maxi Iglesias , Angy Fernandez or the extravagant Javier Calvo , it became a social phenomenon and, above all, the protagonist for many years on the covers of magazines such as ‘SuperPop’ , ‘Loka’ or ‘Bravo’ . Another one to point to our list of unconditional.

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