The list of factors that can cause dry skin is long. It ranges from bad daily habits to cold winter weather that acts on skin that lacks some basic natural oils. The good news is that you don’t necessarily have to visit a dermatologist to fix the problem. In fact, it is likely that the necessary ingredients are already in your kitchen. We will therefore see, in this article, the natural remedies to protect the skin from the cold and rehydrate it properly .

Why use an expensive lotion when you have milk in the refrigerator
An excellent remedy to protect the skin from the cold is to use milk and its beneficial properties. The only thing you will need to do is prepare a bowl of milk, soak a cloth in it until it absorbs a good amount of milk and apply it to the skin for about five minutes. Recent studies have shown how the lactic acid present in this food has decidedly positive effects to rehydrate the skin . In fact, milk has properties that eliminate the problem of irritated and itchy skin . Be careful, though. Lactic acid, if applied for too long, risks making the cracked skin pinch, so it will be necessary to use these compresses for a maximum of 10 minutes. You will discover with pleasure that the daily application of milk on your skin will be enough to get back to having onehealthy and hydrated skin .

Aloe Vera
Although often used as a remedy for sunburns, aloe vera is also an excellent natural remedy for protecting the skin from the cold . Aloe vera works by relieving the redness and dryness caused by the cold. In addition, it can be particularly useful for reducing the signs of aging .

Olive oil and honey
The healthy fats found in olive oil are not only beneficial for the heart and health in general, but are also an excellent natural remedy to protect the skin from the cold. One will sufficetablespoon of olive oil and one of honey to create a natural and moisturizing pack . Applying olive oil and honey to your skin will rehydrate it and make it more resistant to cold . After applying this natural lotion to the desired area, you will need to let the skin rest for about 20 minutes. After the time has passed, you will need to clean it with a cloth dipped in warm water. To add a natural fragrance that can help relax the skin, you can apply an essential oil such as lavender.

Coconut oil
Applied before bedtime, coconut oil restores light and hydration to your skinin one night. Coconut oil has an interesting property that allows this vegetable oil to quickly become solid at room temperature. Therefore, the application of coconut oil is recommended before going to bed , so as to give the oil the opportunity to act and exert its effect during the night. By letting the oil rest on the skin, you will wake up with a healthier and more hydrated skin .

Oatmeal has been used for thousands of years to take care of the skin. This element, in fact, has moisturizing and cleansing properties. In order to appreciate the beneficial effects of oatmeal and protect your skin from the cold, you will need to take the time to take an oatmeal bath . Before preparing the tub you will need to mix a cup of dry flour in a blender, until you get a dry and fine powder. Subsequently, it will be sufficient to sprinkle the powder in the tank in such a way as to ensure an even distribution of the oatmeal. After spending at least 15-20 minutes in the water, you can go out and dry yourself.

Specific products
Other natural remedies to protect the skin from the cold consist in the use of specific products , such as anti-aging supplements to drink based on marine collagen. Collagen is the main building block of our skin and collagen-based products are designed to revitalize the skin tissue and rehydrate it .
The use of collagen-based supplements will help you restore this element in the skin , making the skin more resistant , hydrated and pleasant to the touch , reducing the presence of problems caused by the cold. You will also be able to naturally rehydrate your skin, improving its complexion and tissues.

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