Swelling and heaviness in the legs are problems that affect a large number of women of all ages and that are accentuated with the arrival of the hot season. The most affected women are those who have to stand or sit for many hours for work, thus favoring the stagnation of liquids downwards due to the force of gravity. During the spring this disturbance is accentuated by the first heat and by clothes and shoes not yet totally summer, which therefore compress and suffocate the legs and feet, favoring the dilation of blood vessels. Hormones also play their part when suffering from swollen and weighted legs: estrogen in particular can stimulate water retentionand reduce the availability of thyroid hormones which act against the accumulation of fat. Despite this, one should not think that the problem of swollen legs affects only women: men also suffer from this disorder , often resulting from incorrect posture or from too many hours spent in the same position.
Body weight should also not be underestimated: being overweight loads the legs with excessive effort, stimulating swelling and fluid retention , with the risk of incurring cramps as well. Other subjects at risk are pregnant women and those suffering from constipation.
Having swollen and tired legsIt is therefore a very widespread problem, which in the long run can affect the general health of the person affected by this disorder.

What to do to stimulate the microcirculation and tone the legs
The first thing to do in order not to have swollen and tired legs and to stimulate the microcirculation . More generally, it is important to stimulate blood circulation , avoiding fluid retention. Here are some natural remedies and some advice to put into practice constantly to get results right away.

  1. Strengthens capillaries and veins . Centella and sweet clover are an excellent help : these plants strengthen the walls of the capillaries and favor the drainage of liquids. You can find them as a food supplement to be taken by mouth or in creams and gels to massage the legs.
  2. Drink infusions and draining herbal teas . Centella and blueberry promote the functionality of the microcirculation: during the day drink herbal infusions that purify and drain to help the elimination of stagnant liquids and therefore to deflate the legs.
  3. Take vitamin C and flavonoid supplements like Troxerutin and red vine extracts, butcher’s broom, blueberry, and horse chestnut for immediate relief. Plants such as centella, butcher’s broom, blueberry and red vine promote the functionality of the microcirculation, venous circulation and hemorrhoidal plexus . Ask your herbalist for advice on a dietary supplement to tone the capillaries and stimulate circulation.
  4. Include Troxerutin in your diet. Troxerutin is a flavonoid, also known as vitamin P4, found in tea, coffee, cereals and many varieties of fruit and vegetables. In particular, it is sometimes extracted from the flowers of Sophora japonica, which are very rich in this component. This substance acts by increasing the resistance of the vessels and decreasing their permeability. As a vasoprotector , Troxerutin is used as a remedy for capillary fragility.
  5. Don’t forget to also be careful what you put on your plate. Little table salt , lots of fresh and seasonal fruit and vegetables also in the form of centrifuges, extracts and purees. Try replacing white salt with pink Himalayan salt rich in minerals important for metabolism, such as magnesium, potassium and manganese that may be missing during a very strict draining and purifying diet.
  6. Avoid being sedentary , especially now that the good days are coming. Take advantage of the summer to ride a bike or take long barefoot walks on the beach to reactivate the microcirculation.
  7. One last trick is to sleep with your legs slightly raised , using a pillow, to counteract gravity. Finally, you can take cold water showerings on the legs. During the day and in the evening to reactivate the circulation and immediately have a feeling of well-being.

The extra help for the well-being of the legs: the evening massage
In the evening, treat yourself to a moment of relaxation dedicated to the legs with a massage with essential oils or with a soothing and refreshing gel . The massage based on plant extracts stimulates blood circulation and relaxes the muscles thus avoiding cramps. Massage from the bottom upwards until completely absorbed, focusing on the most suffering areas. The massage has an enhanced effect if it is preceded by a foot bath done with warm water and salt.

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