Dark circles and bags under the eyes are annoying skin imperfections that can compromise the beauty of your eyes, giving a tired and not very relaxed appearance . As soon as these appear on the face, the finger is immediately pointed at the lack of rest. In fact, their appearance can be traced back to other factors. Let’s find out in the article what are the causes and possible natural remedies against dark circles to use for the well-being of our skin .

Dark circles: what it is
Dark circlesthey are a particularly visible sign that does not appear in all subjects, but connotes a physiological condition that colors the underlying part of the eyes with blue / purple, with possible swelling . It is a particularly annoying condition that affects aesthetics, it can appear at any age and in both sexes.
They appear worse in the morning or after large meals, they are often identified as synonymous with fatigue and skin deficit, but in reality these characteristics do not determine them, if ever they accentuate a pre-existing condition.

What are the factors that cause dark circles
They can be determined by a number of factorssuch as, for example, stress, poor night rest, family predisposition, dehydration of the tissues around the eyes, excessive exposure to sunlight, allergies, smoking, alcohol and an unbalanced diet.
The main reason for the appearance is to be attributed to skin aging , due to lipid deposits and microcirculation disorders . They can also have a genetic factor and therefore appear in all members of the same family.

A few hours of sleep can affect this phenomenon , but it is also good to take into account the individual predisposition. In fact, eating habits and some unhealthy habits are decisive, such as too frequent use of tanning lamps or smoking.
These factors involve not only the appearance, but also the progress and accentuation of this imperfection, which becomes more and more evident with advancing age. The skin under the eyes, in fact, is very thin and delicate and, over the years, it thins more and more, losing elasticity .

The beneficial properties of caffeine against dark circles
The common goal of all is to defeat them. To do this, it is useful to use natural products that reduce the signs of fatigue , reduce swelling and therefore make dark circles less accentuated . Among the natural remedies against dark circles we can find caffeinewhich contains beneficial properties that act directly in the eye contour area and therefore make the capillaries under the skin less visible, thanks to the vasoconstrictor action that counteracts the signs present. Furthermore, thanks to its decongestant properties , it also counteracts the formation of bags, improving microcirculation and skin tone .
Caffeine, being a purine -based alkaloid , contained in coffee, but also tea, mate and other plants has a stimulating activity on the nervous system. In particular, it is a vasoconstrictor and for this reason it is often used in cosmetics. It is used for dark circles because its local application allows to drain all the accumulated liquids that form a stasis. Caffeine is also able to protect the capillaries , even the finest ones which tend to be exposed mainly due to UV rays. To enhance its effect, it can be applied locally in synergy with other elements and natural remedies.

Other natural remedies against dark circles and skin aging
Among the active ingredients studied for the resolution of this annoying skin blemish there are gingko biloba , marine collagen , hyaluronic acid andhorse chestnut which promotes skin hydration and counteracts the appearance of spots.

Ginkgo Biloba Gingko biloba , a plant of
Chinese origins, is a very valuable ally thanks to its energetic and antioxidant properties . It oxygenates the tissues better, promotes normal blood circulation and the functionality of the microcirculation ; in fact, if the tissues are more perfused they tend not to be dark and can therefore appear less tired and stressed. Marine collagen
This element is used in natural treatments for dark circles because it makes the skin more luminous , nourishes the skin and decongests the affected area.

. Specifically, type I hydrolyzed marine collagen , obtained from the skin of fish, provides peptides and amino acids with low molecular weight, which are then rapidly absorbed. It is a valid ally for the beauty and health of the skin as it guarantees tone , elasticity and resistance to the skin , nourishing it deeply and counteracting the appearance of wrinkles . Hyaluronic Acid
One of the fundamental allies of the skin is hyaluronic acid , one of the main components of connective tissues . Thanks to its ability to absorb and retain water

, physiologically slows down the evaporation process, restoring the right level of moisture to the skin. This action affects the mechanical properties of the keratin which becomes more elastic and flexible, causing a visible effect of relaxing and rejuvenating the skin of the face and body . Horse chestnut

Horse chestnut
extract is used to improve circulation and the functionality of the microcirculation . It has a soothing , decongestant and toning power with a direct action on the circulation and for this reason, if used topically, it is able to restore the solidity of the capillaries, remove blemishes and blemishes and strengthen the skin. Has a’vasoprotective action able to deflate dark circles and decongest them, narrowing the vessels and making the most evident signs disappear.

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