The moment of the costume fitting is likely to put a strain on men and women of all ages. The use of natural purifying extracts is the first step to take for a healthy and fit body, ready for the dreaded swimsuit test . Not only is it necessary to develop a physical activity routine wisely combined with a balanced and highly balanced diet . But it is also important to use natural remedies to speed up the purification process in a healthy way. The goal of this approach is not just about organ health. But also the improvement of the feeling of weight and swellingwhich often derives from toxins accumulated in the form of fat and fat. If your goal is to show off a flat stomach, purification is the necessary step to take to achieve the goal. Here’s what to know to calmly face the costume fitting , without having to go into crisis!

Swimsuit test: tips to get back in shape
Follow a diet based on purifying natural extractsa few months before the summer season and the best choice to give your body time to indulge the effectiveness of the assimilated natural principles. Winter is certainly that time of year when a heavier and caloric diet and a more sedentary and routine lifestyle end up weighing down, swelling and making your body less toned. The good news, however, concerns the actual usefulness of natural products designed specifically to facilitate the recovery process. In fact, these are a panacea as regards the energy intake, vitamin balance and weight, which is so dear to men and women of all ages.
The experts agree that it is impossible to obtain the desired results for the costume fittingwithout following simple purifying tips. These are essential to speed up the physical recovery phase with which to face the hottest months of the year. Herbs, foods and supplements are the starting point from which to organize a phase of about 1-2 weeks of balanced diet. The goal
Reactivate the filtering functions of the kidneys and liver, enjoy the nutritious supply of natural herbal teas and take food supplements with which to speed up weight loss. But without coming to terms with your health!

What are the correct habits to get back in shape

  • Escape from the danger of being sedentary . A daily walk of about 30 minutes is the first step to return to perceive your body. It is not necessary to be sporty or particularly performing, what matters is moderate and constant training, combined with some gymnastic exercises to do comfortably at home .
  • Eliminate alcohol and smoking along with sugar-based carbonated drinks . The bad habits in question risk compromising the functions of the liver in the long run, whose main task is to metabolize fat.
  • Say goodbye to prepackaged foods for the costume fitting . Additives and preservatives end up causing a gradual increase in toxins that weigh down and swell the belly. Choosing natural and seasonal products – rather than industrial ones – is the first step to get back in shape, generating a complete and balanced food cycle.
  • Avoid massive use of salt . Salt causes water retention which risks causing the unpleasant imperfections of cellulite. Alternatively, it is better to buy fresh spices that can flavor dishes and provide nutrients that are useful for the body and its purifying functions.

Natural purifying extracts: all the secrets for the perfect swimsuit fitting
It may seem trivial, but the natural element par excellence with which to purify the liver of excess toxins and water! In fact, drinking at least two liters a day is the smart advice with which to bring to your body the mineral salts and calcium that stimulate the bile and carry out a purifying action for the body . Bitter foods – including envy, rocket and chicory – facilitate the draining process that will allow you to get to the top of your shape for the costume fitting .
Dried fruit, vegetables, tea or green coffeePlus, they are top ingredients to add to your purifying grocery list right away. Herbal teas and infusions can represent a pleasant moment of leisure with which to eliminate excess waste and replace natural elements for the more popular intake of caffeine. The winning choices fall on fennel and nettles, useful to deflate the belly . Finally, if your goal is to lose a few centimeters too much in a short time, we can only recommend the use of lemons, apples, pineapples, sprouts and celery at will: these healthy foods can facilitate the purification phase , promote a process antioxidant and make the skin healthier to the eye.

Natural supplements to face the costume test
Among the natural extracts with which to prepare yourself for a perfect costume test we can only recommend the use of herbal teas and infusions based on dandelions : a powerful ally for the body’s liver functions and for the expulsion of excess fluids. Alternatively, horseradish and thistle help the body to expel excess waste. In addition to the remedies already mentioned, we recommend that you experience the beneficial properties of artichoke and burdock, which have a restorative function towards the liver. Especially if it was put to the test during the winter period due to the daily use of alcohol, smoking or particularly caloric foods.

Facilitating the metabolic cycle , in other words, not only allows you to improve liver function, but allows you to counteract the weight gain caused by disorders that can slow you down in regaining your ideal weight. Finally, to support your body during the delicate phase of the change of season, it can be useful to take supplements based on magnesium and potassium ., to regain the energy lost following a purifying diet that will increase diuresis. In this sense, you will deflate your belly and eliminate excess fluids without running the risk of a lack of vitamins and minerals. There is nothing left to do but face the costume test with the right spirit!

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