The province of Seville boasts of beautiful natural pools in which to suffocate the heat of the summer season. Most of them are located in the Sierra Norte complex , which gives these locations a unique beauty between vegetation and landscapes of great wealth.
However, it is important to mention that, with the exception of the natural pool of San Nicolas del Puerto, which has a lifeguard service, in the others, although enabled for bathing, extreme caution must be taken due to the terrain and, in some cases, to the depth

Rivera of Benalija
The Rivera de Benalija is a small stream located north of the Sierra Norte Natural Park. It extends along the south of Guadalcanal , and separates it from the municipalities of Alanis and Cazalla de la Sierra, where it flows into the Pintado reservoir.
Being a stream of small dimensions and little depth , it is very likely that in years of great heat or drought, the visitor will find that the stream has temporarily disappeared.
Likewise, as it passes through Guadalcanal, the river leaves behind a very lush vegetation, which makes this enclave a perfect place to walk in the shade of the vegetation and enjoy its great ecologicalinterest .

Pantano de Pintado

As I pointed out, this swamp is located in Cazalla de la Sierra, and far from the small stream that bathes it, it is a reservoir of great dimensions and great depth , for which it is necessary to exercise extreme caution due to the vast unevenness. of your land.
This place in the Sierra Norte is easily accessible by the A-455 road, which offers views of great scenic interest. In addition, the surroundings are enabled with picnic areas and camping where to rest.

Lagos del Serrano

Located in the Sierra Norte of Seville, this enclave is crossed by the Ruta de la Plata and the Camino de Santiago.
It is located in the municipality of Guillena , although the closest town is El Ronquillo , just 3 kilometers away. The area is currently enabled both for bathing and for fishing and hiking, although bicycle routes can also be taken.
It is a natural space of great beauty that can be easily accessed by car. However, for lovers of hiking , there is a route that starts in Guillena and ends at the Serrano Lakes.

Isla Margarita

This place is perfectly equipped for bathing , as it has recreational areas with tables, barbecues, toilets and parking.
In the heart ofSierra Norte Natural Park , Isla Margarita, also known as Isla del Pescador, is located in the municipality of Cazalla de la Sierra, very close to the Cazalla-Constantina railway line. From this point starts the Molino del Corcho

hiking route , one of the most famous in the area, as well as a greenway that can be done by bicycle. Las Calderas
This enclave of remarkable beauty is located just 26 kilometers from Seville, in the municipality of Villaverde del Rio .
Las Calderas is a place of excavated pools with several waterfalls offered by the Siete Arroyos river . The end of this circuit of small and loud waterfalls

It flows into La Olla , a slope that offers bathers a beautiful pool of about six meters.

Majadallana River Park

Also belonging to the municipality of Villaverde del Rio , this natural area is dotted with beautiful vegetation with arrayanes, madronos and lentisks.
It is very close to the siphon bridge of the Viar river channel over the Siete Arroyos river. All the visitor has to do is go upstream to find numerous natural pools of great beauty.

Jose Toran Reservoir

Very close to the municipality of La Puebla de los Infantes is this reservoir enabled for swimming. It also has areas ofpicnic areas, barbecues and car parks , all designed for visitors to spend an unforgettable day. In addition, fishing and sailing
in pleasure boats
are also practiced in this space , as well as hiking routes in the surroundings. Another of the sports that this location offers is paramotor flight , so much so that it is a national benchmark. San Nicolas del Puerto
The most famous beach in Seville province almost needs no introduction. Located in the Sierra Norte, this bathing area is perfectly fitted out with picnic areas, barbecues, car parks, beach bars and lifeguards .

In addition, it is very close to the source of the Hueznar River , which can be followed en route to its famous waterfalls, and to Cerro del Hierro , a unique place due to its singular beauty.

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