The consumption of meals during the day, although essential for the sustenance of the human organism and to provide energy, is a potential threat to oral hygiene . In fact, various constituents are present in food, including carbohydrates and simple sugars, which can be deposited on the teeth and favor the proliferation of harmful microorganisms.
The effects of these microbes are manifold. Oral hygiene can be put at risk both for the formation of caries, but also for the degradation of proteins and fats that are deposited in the most remote corners of the mouth, which has as a direct consequence a phenomenon known as halitosis.
However, there are natural remediesthat it is possible to adopt to safeguard one’s oral hygiene and consequently avoid the formation of bad odors that can create embarrassing situations. Among these, an example is the use of a natural mouthwash for oral hygiene and a correct routine based on natural ingredients .

Correct habits to safeguard oral hygiene
Although everyday life is populated with food and bacteria that can threaten the state of teeth, gums and other surfaces that make up the oral cavity, it is good to know that with some simple habits it is not at all difficult to protect your own smile. The important thing is that these correct habits become part of the daily routine.
The first focus can only focus on tooth brushing . It is an absolutely essential activity to guarantee oral hygiene, as the teeth come into direct contact with food during the chewing process. But brushing your teeth is important. At the end of the meal, food residues can stick to the spaces that separate these small bones, creating an optimal environment for the growth of microorganisms, possibly even dangerous ones.
By virtue of this you absolutely must know how to brush your teeth correctlyto avoid plaque and bad breath problems, as most people do not perform this activity properly. Many, for example, perform horizontal movements with the toothbrush, which only have the effect of acting on the surface.
Correct brushing, on the other hand, requires you to perform vertical movements with the toothbrush, in order to allow the bristles of the same to enter the cavities that separate the teeth and push the food residues outwards. In total it shouldn’t take more than 3 minutes.

Choosing the right toothpaste
Using a toothbrush alone is not enough for proper teeth cleaning and bad breath correction: toothpaste is also needed . Toothpaste, a paste with variable abrasive power depending on the ingredients, is a product that comes into contact with one’s mouth – and that can be ingested, even if in small quantities – frequently.
For a correct daily oral hygiene and to safeguard one’s health, therefore, the importance of toothpaste must not be neglected. Generally, the abrasive power is given by a very simple and easily available ingredient: bicarbonate. This very common chemical compound has a strong abrasive power, therefore it helps to remove stains and remove dirt.
Furthermore, in contact with water and saliva, bicarbonate acts as a base. In this way it is able to neutralize many acids, some of which are responsible for bad odors in the oral cavity. Therefore, while not perfuming, the bicarbonate eliminates bad smells. Of course, the effect of bicarbonate in toothpaste can only be amplified by a possible aromatic excipient, such as mint or Icelandic lichen.

For correct daily oral hygiene, an excellent mouthwash
Unfortunately, the use of a toothbrush and toothpaste alone does not guarantee an effect on the whole mouth as regards bacterial proliferation. Undoubtedly, these actions prevent the formation of plaque, but with just the brushing of the teeth we cannot properly speak ofcomplete oral hygiene .
The reason behind this claim is that microorganisms reside not only on and between the teeth, but also on and under the tongue, on the cheeks and gums, as well as under the palate. Many of these areas certainly cannot be brushed, so it is necessary to ensure bacteriostatic activity using a different remedy.
An optimal solution from this point of view is represented by a good natural mouthwash . Mouthwash, unfortunately still too little used today, is a liquid usually with a strong, but fresh and pleasant aroma. It is used before or after brushing the teeth and which is left in contact with the mouth for a certain amount of time.
The goal of the mouthwash is to destroy some of the microorganisms in the mouth. In addition to giving fresh breath for a long time, offering a pleasant feeling of cleanliness throughout the oral cavity. Since this liquid comes into contact with delicate areas of the mouth and could be ingested in small quantities, it must contain natural and safe substances for health, but at the same time effective. Find out more specifically what are the ingredients that make a functional and safe natural mouthwash for daily use.

The ingredients for a good natural daily mouthwash
A completely natural mouthwash, but effective it must contain powerful and high-quality substances. One of the main constituents of a mouthwash can only be Aloe vera , the sap obtained from the homonymous plant. Aloe vera extract contains alkalizing molecules, that is, capable of raising the pH.
When integrated into a mouthwash, the juice comes into contact with all areas of the mouth and raises their pH. This creates an inhospitable environment for microbes responsible for tooth decay and bad breath. In addition, thanks to the presence of mucilage and other substances, Aloe vera is able to form a sort of protective film that covers the entire oral cavity and protects it from external attacks. Propolis
tooit should be used in a good natural mouthwash, due to its antiseptic properties. Finally, to improve the freshness of the breath and to amplify the whitening power of the toothpaste, an excellent natural mouthwash to be used every day cannot fail to contain Icelandic lichen , a complex of microorganisms that live in symbiosis and which is widely used by peoples. of the north.

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