There are many women who have understood that from the age of 25, there is a consistent metabolic slowdown and the skin aging process is activated . The skin shows the first signs of aging, losing hydration and tone, as well as being less elastic, so the first furrows on the face appear, wrinkles. However, nature offers us numerous allies, including gatuline plant extract , an excellent solution for a natural anti-aging treatment .
Although there is a natural course of skin aging from which there is no turning back, it is still possible to slow down the aesthetic consequences by using some specific products. Like creams , serums andmasks with anti-aging action .
Natural anti- aging products , i.e. those with plant extracts among their main ingredients, are able to act by slowing down the visible effect of aging. In addition, they keep the skin hydrated and toned by avoiding the use of silicones and mineral-based fats.
For all those who mainly choose natural and biological based products, special formulas have been studied and used, created with plant extracts rich in nutrients such as vitamins and trace elements that stimulate cell regeneration . Among the most used extracts as anti- aging we find gatuline, as well as other essential components to keep the skin young and toned. Let’s see what they are and how to make the most of their benefits.

Factors that influence the well-being of the skin
Wrinkles appear when the skin loses its natural elasticity, becoming less toned and with a reduced supply of collagen and elastin , substances that are naturally produced by the body. The skin aging process of each individual occurs with different timing that are influenced by different factors, both internal and external.
The formation of more or less marked wrinkles is conditioned in a particular way by a genetic predisposition even if there are causes that can lead to an early appearance of wrinkles. Let’s see what are the most common factors that lead to a face with more or less deep marks.
The environment is certainly an important factor that conditions the well-being of the skin. For example, smog stimulates the formation of free radicals that accelerate skin aging; on the contrary, healthy and oxygenated air helps to slow down this process. Staying too long in the sun or under tanning lamps is a factor that affects skin health. Use a strong protective and moisturizer to prevent dehydration and a beauty routine we must never forget. Nutrition
also plays a fundamental role. It is essential to feed yourself in a correct and balanced way by introducing fruit and vegetables in the diet, in order to have a good supply of vitamins , minerals and nutrients essential for skin health. Instead, reduce the junk food that poisons the body by damaging the skin tissues and, consequently, also the aesthetics. Smoking is one of
the factors that increase the chance of wrinkles forming. In this case, they are called smog lines, giving a gray color to the skin. A further factor that greatly affects the aesthetic appearance of the skin of the face is nervous tension better known as stress . An excess of stressful situations raise the possibility of the appearance of wrinkles especially on the forehead and in the area between the eyes, both for the expressive folds and for the strong production of free radicals .
To reduce or eliminate the tension accumulated daily you can do somesports activities such as yoga or even just taking long walks, releasing any negative feelings and relaxing the mind and body. To do yoga you don’t need to venture into unacceptable positions, just choose a comfortable one and focus on breathing letting your thoughts pass until they disappear.

Natural anti-aging treatment: plant extracts against skin aging
How to choose the most suitable natural anti-aging product for the purpose
This is a common question for many women who wish to maintain or regain a toned, fresh and young skin . Each type of skin has different needs in reality. But they all share the need forawaken the epithelial cells to produce new tissue, collagen and elastin . To do this, it is advisable to use products based on natural plant extracts with anti-aging properties .
The skin of the face must always be optimally hydrated so as not to appear relaxed and with expression lines or old age. Using products with Argan or Rosehip oil is an excellent method to have a soft, elastic and toned skin while maintaining the right hydration .
These are two types of oily substances that have remarkable elasticizing, antioxidant and regenerating properties . Argan oilit contains a high concentration of vitamin E , phenols, carotene and fatty acids that help relax and plump the skin , as well as delay aging, reducing its effects. The rosehip oil , on the other hand, helps to keep the skin young and elastic. In fact, it contains vitamin E, antioxidant and retinol (vitamin A) which help skin cells to regenerate naturally.

Vegetable extract of gatuline: the natural anti-aging solution
Among the most effective vegetable extracts with natural anti-aging action , we find gatuline. It is a substance that is extracted from Acmelia Oleacea, more commonly known as Brazilian Watercress. The use of this substance in the cosmetic field is very developed and widespread. Extremely useful to counteract the formation of wrinkles on the face that become accentuated over the years.
The skin of our face is subjected daily to thousands of involuntary micro-contractions that cause the formation of small wrinkles . The latter can become progressively more visible and profound. Thanks to a muscle relaxant mechanism , which slows down these micro-contractions, the gatuline extract performs an effective action on expression lines . The active ingredient in fact,stimulates skin microcirculation and gives the skin a new luminosity, the complexion becomes less dull and more homogeneous. In addition to helping to smooth out expression lines, this natural extract is able to reconstitute the collagen network and recompact the lip contour , thanks to its botox-like action .

Biocollagenix Concentrated anti-aging treatment in ampoules , and anti-aging treatment based on marine collagen, hyaluronic acid, resveratrol, vitamin C, Replexium complex and gatuline which acts in a targeted way on skin imperfections caused by aging. The complex of concentrated active ingredients contained in the Biocollagenix ampoulespromotes cellular regeneration of the epidermis , making the skin of the face more elastic, compact and toned .
The effect is so fast and effective, that already after an hour of application it is possible to notice a more relaxed, hydrated and toned skin . The deep skin hydration allows to reduce the depth of wrinkles and give a fresher and more luminous appearance. Furthermore, the presence of antioxidants counteracts the action of free radicals triggered by fine dust, creating a protective shield that blocks external polluting agents.

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