The Serie A championship is stopped due to the stop imposed by the commitments of the major and youth national teams, and the time is ripe to draw a provisional balance on the Napoli season. Carlo Ancelotti’s team, given on the eve of the championship as one of the possible protagonists in the championship fight, is struggling and not a little to get into the right gear, but what worries most is the difficult situation that has arisen in the Neapolitan locker room .

The crisis is not just about results
Although the 4-4-2 chosen by Carlo Ancelotti fails to put the players in a position to perform at their best, the difficulties of the Neapolitans seem to derive mainly from the mentality with which the Azzurri face the matches. Even in the last home match against Genoa, as we can see in the Sky Sport article, Napoli appeared almost listless, unable to impose their game and react to the difficulties encountered on their path. Compared to the past, the team of the Emilian technician does not seem to be able to take control of the match, not to dominate the opponents from an emotional point of view even before the technical one and all these difficulties are affecting the performances and results of the Neapolitan. If it is true that, as mentioned,

It is the end of an era
Since Aurelio De Laurentiis took over as president of the Neapolitan club, Napoli has grown steadily from year to year. Season after season, competition after competition, the Azzurri’s ambitions and results had always been higher than those of the previous year. This year, however, for the first time, it seems that the Neapolitan club’s project has come to a standstill and there is a strong feeling that already starting from the next market session something will have to change. Insigne and Mertens, two of the main protagonists of recent seasons, do not seem to be happier wearing the Neapolitan shirt and, according to what reported by, they are among those who led the recent mutiny against the presidency.
In the last few hours the situation seems to be slowly returning to normal but in the city there is a strong impression that this could be the last season of the block that had characterized the experiences of Benitez and Sarri and that, from next year, it will take shape. the new Napoli, who knows if stronger and more successful than the previous one.

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