Municipal Elections
Warm applause at the time of picking up the baton.

Ismael Torres returns to the mayor’s office of Huercal de Almeria with a majority thanks to the support of Vox

J. Garcia
Yesterday the Investiture Plenary was held with which the popular candidate returned to the central seat after being removed from it last October by a motion of censure .
Municipal elections
Gabriel Cruz celebrates his victory by absolute majority with his people last night.

Gabriel Cruz promises a “government of all so that Huelva wins”

Oscar Lezameta
The acting mayor sees his management supported and returns the Socialists to the city government with an absolute majority.
El Puerto municipal election results The
PSOE candidate, during his appearance before the media once the scrutiny of the tight electoral night had concluded.

Bittersweet night for the socialist candidacy

Carlos Benjumeda
Although he has not managed to win the elections, David de la Encina consolidates the PSOE with two mayors and improves its results.
Cordoba Municipal Elections
The candidacy of the PSOE of Lucena, led by Juan Perez, in Plaza Nueva.

A frantic final sprint from North to South of the

Angel Robles province
The candidates launch their last calls to vote with the main leaders of the parties deployed by the Cordoba municipalities.
Municipal elections in Chiclana
The PSOE during the celebration of a tasting of snails in the Casa del Pueblo.

Next appointment, the polls

F. Melero
Candidaturas of Chiclana say goodbye to the end of the campaign with various acts, except for the PP. A total of 64,132 people from Chiclana will be able to exercise their right to vote this Sunday.
Ramon Fernandez-Pacheco.

“Positive and purposeful”, the campaign balance of Ramon

The mayor and candidate of the PP, “optimistic about the good feelings that he has received during the electoral campaign that this Friday came to an end.
Municipal Elections Action
is urgently needed in the Castle of San Sebastian, for which there is no firm recovery plan.

The heritage of Cadiz is still pending
Virginia Leon
Until the third year in office, a protocol and council was not activated to ensure this legacy, with an investment of 50,000 euros. It is urgent to act under a comprehensive plan in the fortifications, Puertas de Tierra, San Sebastian Castle and the Bishop’s House.
Municipal elections in Chiclana

Podemos assures that “Roman does not have a penny of the ITI funds”

Complaints that he does not have “any document” and Chiclana does not comply with European regulations.
Municipal Elections Meeting on the future of the railway convened by the


future of the train confronts the parties in the run-up to the elections

Rafael Espino
The Railway Board publishes a report that criticizes a possible delay in the burial works that the Popular Party rules out.
Municipal elections in Chiclana
Moment of the meeting at the local ‘The Embassy’

“We have to solve once and for all the regularization in Chiclana”

The Minister of Public Works holds a meeting with the Housing Platform of the Outskirts. He points out that the socialists have dedicated themselves to “patching” and not providing a definitive solution to the problem.

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