Blanca Suarez, in ‘El bar’

Blanca Suarez is well known to Netflix users for two series: Cable Girls and Jaguar . In the first, set in Madrid in the 1920s, four girls live romances, friendships and social changes in the recently born telephone company. Meanwhile, in Jaguar, released in September, Suarez is a Holocaust survivor who joins a group of spies seeking revenge on the Nazis who hid in the country after World War II.
If you want to see more about Blanca Suarez, you can see El bar, by Alex de la Iglesia, where Blanca is part of a group of strangers who take refuge in a bar after witnessing a murder. As panic grips them they begin to turn against each other.
Mario Casas, in ‘Three meters above the sky’
At this point , Mario Casas needs no introduction. One of his last works is The Innocent , a series in which his character, after an accidental death, is dragged into a dark world of intrigue and murder.
For those who want to enjoy it in a totally different register, on NetflixThe bilogy Three meters above the sky and I have a desire for you are available, in which he plays the troublesome young Hache.
In the first movie he falls madly in love with the brilliant student Babi, but his rebelliousness threatens to tear them apart. In the sequel, he returns from London willing to reopen his heart, until an encounter with his past changes everything.
Inma Cuesta, in ‘Three weddings of more’
The series The disorder you leave , a mixture of drama and thriller, is one of the last works of Inma Cuesta , who assumes the role of a teacher recently arrived at a high school a town in Galicia. Alli becomes obsessed with the suspicious death that occurred three weeks earlier and begins to fear for her life.
The actress has a well-known dramatic talent and a no less acclaimed comedy talent, like the one she displays in Tres bodas de más, where she plays a brilliant scientist who must deal as well as she can with three of her ex-boyfriends inviting her to their respective three. wedding.
Adriana Ugarte, in ‘During the Storm’
Netflix subscribers will have seen Adriana Ugarte in Hache, a thriller set in Barcelona in the 1960s in which the actress is Helena, who begins as a pawn in the hands of the leader of a criminal gang and rises to take control of the organization’s heroin trade.
Of a different genre is During the storm, a title in which a space-time anomaly allows Vera (Ugarte) to save a child 25 years ago, but as a consequence she loses her daughter, so she will fight to get her back, no matter what. .
Najwa Nimri, in ‘Who will sing to you’
The versatile Najwa Nimri has been, among others, Inspector Alicia in Money Heist or the extravagant Zulema in Vis a vis.
But she has also embodied, in the dramatic feature film Who will sing to you, Lila Cass, a famous singer from the 90s who suffers from amnesia after almost drowning and who hires an impersonator to help her prepare for her return to the stage.
Ester Exposito, in ‘Your son’
Despite her youth, Ester Exposito is known worldwide for her role as Carla in the popular series Elite .
Exposito also shows off his talent in the movie Your son, which narrates how a doctor decides to take justice into his own hands after his son Marcos receives a beating outside a nightclub. Exposito plays Andrea here, who maintains a relationship with the young Marcos.
Asier Etxeandia, in ‘Cafe solo…o con las’

Asier Etxeandia is the villain Romeo in the series Sky Rojo, whose action begins when a series of fateful incidents in a brothel leads three women haunted by their past to embark on a wild flight.
A kinder role is the one the actor takes on in Cafe Alone… or With Them, a comedy in which four friends in their twenties get together to talk about their sex lives (or lack thereof) and their relationships with women. .

Paco Leon is one of those Spanish actors well known by most viewers, especially for comic roles.
On Netflix, his users can enjoy his talent as Maria Jose, a high-class lawyer in the Latin American series La casa de las flores, a black comedy in which a wealthy matriarch tries to maintain the image of family perfection while her husband’s mistress airs the dirty laundry.
In the antipodes of this role is the one that he assumes in 7 years, the first Netflix film in Spain and where he gives life to one of four partners who put aside their sense of loyalty in a tense night during which they have no mercy for decide who will pay for the crime they have committed.
Maria Pedraza, in ‘Amar’
We have seen Maria Pedraza inLa casa de papel , Elite or Toy Boy , but her fans can also enjoy her talent in the movie Amar, in which Maria becomes Laura.
Laura and Carlos, who live their first romance with intensity and fragility, begin to realize the reality of life and that love is not what they imagined.
Belen Cuesta, in ‘Despite everything’

Belen Cuesta is the beloved Magui, assistant to Paquita Salas in the series about one of the best representatives of actors in Spain in the 90s, she is desperately looking for new stars after losing her larger clientele.
Cuesta’s talent has allowed her to take on roles as diverse as the forerunner or Claudia, an almost divorced and depressed woman, in the movie Despite everything, in which four sisters with very different characters discover a surprising family secret that embark on an adventure to find out what hides your family tree.

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