Summer brings with it the need to lighten our hair . Either because we love the effects that the sun has on our hair and we want to maintain them or because we are aware that lighter hair is super flattering . The fact is that when summer arrives we always look for the best highlights to lighten our hair naturally and show off waves with a tousled effect in the purest Californian girl style.
But, unlike the star summer haircut (the blunt cut), not all highlights favor all hair in the same way.. For this reason, brunette hair must take into account the darkness of their hair to opt for one wick or another.
After reviewing all the coloring techniques, we know which are the best highlights with which brunettes lighten their hair this summer . They are called mousy hair and it is the coloring technique that has dethroned all others. It’s time to say goodbye to the classic balayage to welcome the irresistible mousy hair .
The mousy hair highlights (from English, shy hair) is a very soft coloring technique that illuminates the hair without being a very abrupt finish. Hence, it is an ideal coloring technique for brunette hair., light brown or blondes who want a more subtle and natural lightening that resembles the reflections created by the sun . Despite being a subtle technique, that does not mean that the final result is not groundbreaking, since the mousy hair highlights help us illuminate the face, achieving a super rejuvenating effect .

How to make mousy hair highlights

To make the finish as natural as possible, it is important to study our hair beforehand at the hairdresser, to analyze our base tone to know where to apply this coloring technique and thus achieve the desired effect. .
The mousy hair technique is very similar to balayage highlights , but in this case it is done strand by strand andDifferent shades of dye are chosen according to the area of ​​the hair , a shade above the natural base to apply to the roots and a shade below the base for medium and long hair.
With a super natural and flattering effect, the secret of a perfect finish of a mousy haur lies in the maintenance that we then do at home. Beyond the technique itself, to achieve a natural and much more durable finish, we must follow a very specific hair routine at home . Regardless of your technique or style, the secret to achieving a long-lasting finish, without the need for recurrent color touch-ups and without the finish losing its effect, is knowing how to maintain your hair at home .

What to do to maintain mousy hair
It is important to take care of our hair with moisturizing treatments that do not dry out or damage the hair structure . Despite the false belief that dark or chestnut hair is much stronger, hydration is extremely important if we want the hair to continue to have shine and strength. Moisturizing treatments combined with collagen and elastin are a good option for that maintenance we are talking about.
In addition to the special care that must be taken with the hair after resorting to a coloring technique to lighten it, it must be remembered that summer itself wreaks havoc on all hair , which they see as the effects of the sun, salt and chlorine. they are weakening In addition to the hydration treatment, we recommenduse a serum that hydrates and shines the hair and, of course, a sunscreen when we go to the beach or the pool.
These products are usually applied halfway up, with the help of the fingers and with damp hair and, in addition to helping with the maintenance of mousy hair highlights , they also help prevent the dreaded split ends and frizz.

This is how mousy hair highlights are, the hair trend with which brunettes and chestnuts lighten their hair.

This is the result of a mousy hair in some brunettes and brown hair. Jennifer Lopez , with one of her most envied hair, has been one of the last celebs who has opted to lighten her hair with mousy hair.

Kim Kardashian , with one of the best-known dark hair in the universe, has also opted for this coloring technique with a very flattering result. A brown hair is also very favored by betting on this subtle and natural coloring technique.

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