Eva Casanueva lost her identity a decade ago to become the mother of Marta del Castillo. Sincere and serene, she has lent herself to answer the questions of a group of young people, students of the Andalusian School of Reporters promoted by the Blogosur Group. An interview that has become a tribute to a mother who, despite her suffering, has always shown willingness and strength to attend to the media and all the people who come to her family to give them encouragement in a case that It has no end. The body of the young woman still does not appear a decade later and only Miguel Carcano remains in prison after a failed trial for the family.
Through a video, both her husband, Antonio del Castillo, and her father, Jose Antonio Casanueva, have also wanted to gloss over the figure of a woman who, according to her words, “died that January 24”. A familiar and very happy Eva who has been adapting to the circumstances, fundamentally, “because I have two other daughters who have had enough misfortune with losing her sister”.
She doesn’t believe in politics, only in people. And she has regretted the trial of those involved in the case of Marta del Castillo. “The sentence was not to the liking of almost no one”, she has pointed out and she has referred, to questions from the interviewers, to the case of Maria Garcia Mendaro, the girlfriend of Miguel Carcano’s brother and the treatment she had in the courts. “To be baptized you have to have a godfather”,
Eva Casanueva assures that faith is the only thing that has given meaning to her life and she has remembered how hard it was to tell her daughters that her sister was not going to return.
Marta del Castillo’s case is a movie case and she has admitted that they have come to propose it to her: “But the case has no end”, the mother pointed out, assuring that her family does not care if they make some fiction about the death of his daughter. “Marta has always been treated with affection.”
Would it be a good ending to announce the repetition of the trial
“I have lost faith in Justice. The best ending would be to be able to bury my daughter , having to get up and lie down thinking about where my daughter’s body could be…” , Casanueva pointed out.
Marta del Castillo’s mother has confessed how the day before Cuco’s trial she put on her daughter’s jacket, with her perfume, which was very particular to see if that would stir something up. I didn’t get it. “I have my little daughter who inherited the aroma of vanilla , the perfume that her sister used, and I have been overcoming it.”
During the interview, social networks have been collecting messages of support and affection for Eva Casanueva, who has recalled how she continues to receive letters even from abroad, as is the case of a girl from Luxembourg, who will now be 17 years old.
Would you pardon Carcano in exchange for knowing where your daughter is

Eva Casanueva has been blunt:“It may be that the one in Herrera de la Mancha was not the one who killed my daughter . He did not act alone. Yes, he would change it. I dare to say that his brother acted with him, the family and many people from this society”.
Casanueva has not avoided getting emotional at various times in the interview. “There was a time when I would have stood in front of Carcano and begged him, in fact I wrote him a letter, but the time has come when I saw that it was not worth it, he lied a lot. Every lie he told was a pain added to us “, he explained to the students of the School of Reporters.
“My pain does not go away, he knows it but he continues with his life and one day he will come out and he will not care about anything,” he commented. “He is a being that I am not going to forgive in life, he would have done it if what happened that night had ended differently, if it had been an accidental blow… but the events that happened do not deserve forgiveness.”
With great sincerity Eva Casanueva already assures that she would not have been as much media pressure as there was, her daughter would have been one more similar wish. “The only thing that hurt me about the press was seeing the photo of Marta on top of Miguel, on a birthday, it was repeated a lot with that photo and I didn’t like that.”
Marta’s mother has remembered how a married couple went to her house and recommended that she go out into the street and stand in front of a camera.“I got out of bed, but I did it for my daughter, so they would keep looking for her.”
Eva Casanueva has confessed that she loves seeing her daughter’s friends, because she sees her projected on them. “In May I went to the wedding of a friend of hers and I know that she will never be able to get married, but I can imagine her,” she commented excitedly.
When did he stop liking Miguel Carcano
“It was when he returned to his home in Leon XIII, where he lived with his mother, that I began to dislike him. He sold the image of an orphaned child… a life that was a lie,” Casanueva commented. that he asked in the neighborhood about him and a lady in a bar told him that “for how good his mother was, he had come out.”
The interviewee has confessed that when the events occurred, Marta was fooling around with another child. “I think it was an attempt to attack my daughter, who refused. But the issue of the brother didn’t fit me. A person in his 40s, his life resolved, a brother without feeling… I don’t think he was going to risk his entire life guarantee to protect a brother he didn’t even try”, he commented, assuring that the version that it was his brother and not Miguel is believed more.
When people ask how they withstand the pressure if they have picked up a shotgun and taken justice into their own hands, they always reply that they have two other daughters. “Lorena and Monica have saved the physical integrity of those involved in Marta’s death”,has admitted. “My husband usually says that if he had killed one, he would already be on the street because two years have passed. But that should not be done, it is normal for a father of a family to think about it and tell you, but that cannot be done “.
“I don’t know which door to call, what to do to find out where my daughter’s body is.” “The Press has done a lot because it has kept my daughter’s memory alive”, Eva Casanueva thanked.
Eva Casanueva has spoken from the most familiar and human side of the case of her daughter and her life. She has admitted that she likes to look at old photos, the times when they were a normal family. “Now we try but we don’t succeed. Losing a child is unnatural. The pain is the same but it adds to us not knowing where it is. I would have preferred my daughter to die in a hospital bed,” he pointed out.
“There is now a lot of talk about historical memory , I understand it perfectly. I only lost my daughter 10 years ago and I also want to know where my daughter is,” Eva commented, dreaming of that day.
The students of the school have given him a gift, a bouquet of flowers thanking him for sponsoring this training project. The talk is moderated by Fernando G. Haldon and can be followed from the Youtube channel of the Escuela de Reporteros de AndalucĂ­a, as well as from the Diario de Sevilla website.

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